Kevin And Sophie's Divorce: Complete Information!

The real reason Kevin and Sophie split more than a decade ago is revealed in the latest episode of This Is Us, and it has to do with Jack.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) appear to have split after the eldest Pearson cheated on his childhood girlfriend, according to the latest episode of This Is Us. The real reason they split up is revealed in the latest episode of the NBC family drama, and it has something to do with Jack, as it does with most everything on the program (Milo Ventimiglia).

Kevin And Sophie's Divorce: Complete Information!

Kevin has attracted a lot of women throughout the years due to his attractiveness and personality. His high school football career aided him in this endeavor, but he was only interested in Sophie. So much so that when they were in middle school, he threw her a themed birthday party, which is undoubtedly one of the show’s sweetest moments. The couple finally married, but split shortly before Kevin relocated to Los Angeles to star in The Manny. While we knew Number One had strayed on his then-wife, it was never clear whether this was the final straw in their marriage or if there were other issues at play.

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It turned out that it wasn’t the only deciding factor. In fact, from the day they married, their married life had a timer connected to it. The couple married immediately after Jack’s sad death, according to the latest episode of This Is Us, and Kevin did so without alerting his family, including his twin sister, Kate (Chrissy Metz ). The episode “Flip a Coin,” which aired this week, spent a lot of time with Number One, who is currently staying with his uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunne) and a new acquaintance, Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison). The three became closer as a result of their common problem with alcoholism. The Manny has also been formally canceled, according to the news. But it was the show’s closing scene that stunned everyone: Kevin, a teenager, calling home to tell his family that he had married Sophie and that he needed money.

Aside from the fact that Kevin was too young to marry, the wedding occurred at a time when he was at his most vulnerable, yet making a sudden and brazen action like this given the circumstances isn’t unusual for Number One. Kevin, like his father, has never been excellent at confronting his own personal issues, so he finds something else to focus on – something Nicky underscored when he stated that he is not his nephew’s pet project. Instead of fully grieving his father’s loss and coming to grips with his remorse for not being present when the fire occurred, he chose to marry Sophie, expecting that it would distract him from his own problems.

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Kevin And Sophie's Divorce: Complete Information!

Unfortunately, burying his head in the sand does not solve things (a lesson Kevin still has yet to learn). And the more he avoids dealing with his own problems, the more rash actions he takes. In this case, he’s cheating on his wife despite his undying love for her. Because we know he’ll have a child in the future thanks to last season’s flash-forward, Kevin should have finally acknowledged his mistake by then. That’ll be the only time in his life when he’ll truly be happy, and he might even get a third chance at a happy ever after with Sophie.

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