While visiting the beach earlier this month, Riley Keough, who is the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough, captured a priceless photo of the two of them together.

Riley Keough captions the photo on Instagram with the words “Dad and co. @jadanhuter,” which shows her and her father swimming together.

Between the years 1988 and 1994, Presley was married to Keough. A little over a month later, Presley tied the knot with the legendary pop star Michael Jackson. Riley and Benjamin were the names given to Presley and Keough’s offspring. In July of the previous year, Benjamin took his own life, which was a terrible sorrow for his family.

Riley Keough, A Daughter Of Lisa Marie Presley, Shared A Rare Photo With Her Father

Riley Keough Discloses Information Concerning Her Father’s Life Following His Separation From Lisa Marie Presley.

Riley Keough discussed her father’s life following his separation from her mother in an interview she gave to The Guardian in the year 2017. The conversation took place in 2017. “I had an extremely affluent upbringing with my mother. But that wasn’t how my dad lived his life. And I believe that being able to see things from different perspectives has been beneficial.”

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Additionally, Riley Keough disclosed that her father placed mattresses directly on the floor of his apartments. In addition to that, he lived in trailer parks and log cabins. According to Keough’s explanation, “He simply did not have very much money.” On the other hand, her recollections of him from her infancy were described as vivid, peculiar, and just enjoyable.

“There was a fantastic energy going around, don’t you know?” Riley Keough carried on from there. I remember telling him when I was about eight years old, ‘I want to grow up and be poor life you!’ He was in the middle of devouring a bowl of cereal. I was unaware of how deeply hurtful such a statement may be.

Keough Gives an Open and Honest Account of Her Struggles to Cope With the Death of Her Brother Benjamin.

Riley Keough, A Daughter Of Lisa Marie Presley, Shared A Rare Photo With Her Father

Riley Keough spoke candidly to the New York Times about her journey through grief just one year after the passing of her brother. She discussed the ways in which she has been able to go on with her life. “Because it is so unfathomable, our brains have a really difficult time putting [tragedy] in its proper place.”

Additionally, Keough disclosed that she had recently completed training to become a death doula. She explained that rather than assisting with the delivery of a baby, she assists individuals in navigating the challenges that come up during the latter part of their lives. She added that she wanted to make sure that she was experiencing everything and that she was not running away from anything.

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Keough elaborated by saying, “That’s actually what’s helped me.” “The ability to place me in a situation where I can be of service. If I am able to assist other people, then perhaps I will also discover a way to assist myself. However, there is this awareness of the precarious nature of life and the significance that each moment holds for me at this point.

Keough continues by elaborating on how the passing of her brother assisted her in reevaluating several aspects of her life. When I was a kid, I always seemed to be looking for the answers to everything. “I had no idea that everything I needed was already within me,” the actress remarked. She continues by saying that the only thing anyone else can do is surround the person going through the experience and be there for them.

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