Lenny Hochstein and Lisa Hochstein’s relationship has come to an end, and he has already moved on.

In a statement released to Us Weekly on Monday, May 16, Lenny announced, “Lisa and I have decided to end our marriage.”

The report of their breakup comes after it was published on Page Six that the plastic surgeon, who is 55 years old, was seen partying with the model Katharina Mazepa at a club in Miami. At the time, he refuted rumours of a breakup, but the publication claimed that Lisa, 39, and co-star Larsa Pippen confronted him at the club.

Lisa Hochstein's Divorce From lenny Hochstein - All We Know!

“A few weeks ago I denied this because I am doing my best to protect my family while we are going through this process,” Lenny told Us on Monday. “I am doing my best to protect my family during this process.” It’s true that I’m seeing Katharina, but we didn’t start dating until after we’d already decided to end our marriage. This is an extremely challenging moment, and I would appreciate it if you could give us some privacy so that we can provide the best care possible for our children, who are everything to us.

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After getting married in October 2009, Lenny and Lisa are now the proud parents of two children: Logan, who is six, and Elle, who is two. Fans watched as the couple’s attempts to start a family during the first season of RHOM were unsuccessful. (In the end, they were able to become parents to two children through the use of surrogacy.) During the fourth season of the newly revived Peacock series, Lisa said that the two of them came very close to splitting up during the time that the show was off the air.

It would have been terrible if we ended up divorcing each other. During this time apart, Lenny had an emotional affair with some $2 hoe, she revealed in the debut of season 4, which began streaming in December 2021. She went on to say that he “came grovelling back and it was the best decision of his life.”

Following that, the reality star discussed the challenging time in their marriage with E! News.

Lisa Hochstein's Divorce From lenny Hochstein - All We Know!

When asked about their relationship at the time, she stated, “We’ve been together for 14 years, almost 15 years, and that’s like a lifetime in Miami.” “Just like everyone else, we have our ups and downs, and just like everyone else, we go through problems. But we never stopped standing by one other’s sides, and neither of us ever gave up. Every couple has disagreements and problems that need to be worked out, so my advice is to “just keep on keepin’ on, don’t give up, and stick with your guy or stick with your gal.”

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She continued by saying, “I just feel like everyone thinks the grass is always greener [on the other side], and it’s not. ” My attitude is that you should stick it out with the person that you love, the person that you have established a family with, the person that you have history with, and make that relationship your love story because you are going to have another set of issues with another person.

Lisa has not yet made a statement regarding the divorce in public. Us Weekly has attempted to get in touch with you for comment.

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