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Meet Lukas Van Ness’ Girlfriend As He Picked By Packers In First Round

Meet Lukas Van Ness' Girlfriend As He Picked By Packers In First Round

Lukas Van Ness is an outside linebacker for the Green Bay Packers in the NFL, who was born on July 6, 2001. He played college football for Iowa. He has taken the NFL draft by storm after being selected by the Green Bay Packers in the first round. The 21-year-old outside linebacker is projected to be picked early in the 2023 NFL Draft and has already caught the eye of ESPN’s NFL draft expert Todd McShay.

While Van Ness’s talent is sure to bring him success on the field, he will have his girlfriend Frankie Kmet cheering him on every step of the way. In this article, we’ll talk about his girlfriend and their relationship in detail.

Know About Van Ness’ Girlfriend, Frankie Kmet

Van Ness and Kmet met while studying at college, where they struck up a relationship. Frankie is the younger sister of Chicago Bears’ tight end Cole Kmet and comes from a sporting family. While she didn’t play organized sports in high school or college, she has developed a large following on social media as an influencer. With over 4.8K followers on Instagram and 3K on TikTok, Frankie is using her platform to showcase her life and support her boyfriend’s football career.

While Van Ness’s talent on the field is sure to bring him success, he will also have the support of his girlfriend Frankie Kmet. Frankie has already taken social media by storm, and her posts about her relationship with Van Ness have been well-received by fans. She has shown her support for Van Ness throughout his college football career and is sure to be cheering him on as he takes on the NFL.

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Lukas Van Ness’s Rise To Success

Van Ness‘s journey to becoming a college football star was not without its challenges. Growing up, he played hockey before turning to football in the eighth grade. He was initially considered a three-star recruit, but his hard work and dedication saw him become a significant player for the University of Iowa. Throughout his college career, he recorded an impressive 70 total tackles, 13 sacks, and 19 tackles for loss.

According to projections, Van Ness is likely to be picked early in the 2023 NFL Draft. He is a powerful force on the field, demonstrating excellent run defense and pass-rush skills. He has also shown his versatility by playing in many defensive line positions for Iowa. This, combined with his agility and strength, places him among the top 15 players in the class.

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Van Ness’s Dad’s Celebration Of His Selection

While Van Ness’s selection by the Green Bay Packers was undoubtedly a cause for celebration in his household, things got a little weird during the draft. As the ABC feed showed Van Ness celebrating with his family at home, his dad was seen slapping Frankie Kmet on the backside. The move was not well-received by fans watching at home, who found it inappropriate.

As Van Ness prepares to take on the NFL, he still has plenty of room for growth. However, his exceptional talent and versatility make him an exciting prospect for the Green Bay Packers. With Frankie Kmet by his side, Van Ness is sure to have the support he needs to succeed in the NFL.

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