Bride with blush! Following their engagement in October 2021, Madison LeCroy and Brett Randle are actively making preparations for their wedding.

On her big day, the Southern Charm star, however, has no intention of letting her Bravo co-stars steal the show. In fact, LeCroy admitted to followers on January 6 during an Instagram Live that the reality show’s stars “will not be at my wedding,” as only the couple’s close friends and family will be present.

LeCroy’s representative later revealed in a statement to Us Weekly that “she’s just inviting close relatives and friends now.” It’s not a disrespect to any of the show’s participants.

Everything to Know About Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy’s Wedding with Brett Randle - Wedding Dress, Decorations, and More!
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The Maven salon co-owner exclusively revealed to Us in October 2021 that she and her fiancé wanted to enjoy the moment, so they delayed sharing the news of their engagement for a few weeks, even from the Southern Charm ensemble.

I informed two [costars]. Just days after accepting Randle’s proposal, LeCroy told Us, “I’m going to inform Patricia Altschul today. We’ll see how what she thinks. “I believe she will approve and be pleased for me.”

The businesswoman, who once dated Austen Kroll, said that “none of the boys [knew]” at the time, adding that she was certain they’d have “something to say” about her significant relationship development.

LeCroy and Kroll ended their two-year relationship in December 2020, according to an exclusive report by Us. The stylist admitted to meeting someone new four months later. In June 2021, she and Randle made their Instagram accounts public.

LeCroy and Randle got engaged six months after going public, but the TV star believed he was The One from the beginning of their relationship.

Everything to Know About Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy’s Wedding with Brett Randle - Wedding Dress, Decorations, and More!

“When you meet that person, you will know right away, like, your gut won’t have any, like, red signals,” my mother used to say. She said to Us in October 2021, “In the past, I would always have this gut sense that I was making the incorrect option. “However, with him, I simply knew that it didn’t matter what the circumstance [or what he did for a career] was. I simply knew that’s how he made me feel, as well as how my kid [Hudson] felt when he realized he was The One.

LeCroy recounted alerting her ex about the relationship and the engagement before making the formal announcement. She and her ex-husband Josh Hughes are the parents of Hudson, who is 9 years old. She said, “Everybody’s on board. And if you’re not, we genuinely couldn’t care less.

The entrepreneur joked to Us that she pulled out her Pinterest board, which had been gathering “so much dust,” to start working out the plans for the couple’s big day, and that she already has a few aspects figured out.

She said to Us in October 2021, “Even though I had been married in the past, I had never tried on a wedding dress. “None of that had ever been done by me. So I’m going to be a bride for the very first time in this situation. I’m going to proceed slowly.

The Calendar

The reality star revealed to followers via an Instagram Live broadcast that she and Randle wanted to wed by December 2022. She said that holding a ceremony on New Year’s Eve “would be wonderful.”

LeCroy previously told Us in October 2021 that she did have an “idea” of what she wanted for her wedding and that it would likely take “your typical year.”

The Situation

LeCroy stated on Instagram Live in January 2022 that she wanted a destination wedding when it came to the location of the wedding.

Will Her “Southern Charm” Co-Stars Be Invited?

The cast of Southern Charm will not attend the hairdresser’s wedding because “we’re doing family, and that’s sort of it,” she said during the January 2022 Instagram Live.

Boost the Bachelorette Fun by Two

“I’m well prepared for the two bachelorette parties I’ll be attending. We’ll choose who is in charge of wedding planning once I finish the bachelorette parties, the Southern belle exclusively told Us in October 2021. “I have my clique [of buddies], sort of. Then I have another set of individuals. However, combining the two would be a complete s—show, so I can’t do that. Numerous personalities are present. I have no idea how girls manage it. How can you mix, it’s like.

The Gown

LeCroy admitted to the Us in the fall of 2021 that she was unsure of the design of her gown. She noted that she didn’t go dress shopping for her first wedding and said, “I’ve never even tried on a wedding dress. I would like to go try on every outfit. I’d want to make a day out of it. I lack a plan for it. Therefore, I’m hoping that someone out there would think, “This is what you need.” I’ll consider any recommendations.

What role will her son play?

The native of South Carolina had no doubts about including her kid in the wedding. In an exclusive interview with Us in October 2021, LeCroy said, “When I think about that, I just feel so emotional. “I just feel like I’m going to snap at that point. I’m not sure, but looking at [Hudson], I hope he’s right there next to my groom, and that’s the point. I’m really happy right now.

How many people are expected?

The Bravo celebrity told Us in October 2021, “He has a huge family and so do I, so we’re definitely going to keep it under a hundred [people] if we can.” Which will be challenging to do. You have A, B, and C personnel, the planner said when we previously spoke with them. Then I exclaim, “Oh, my God.”

After the wedding, where will they reside?

LeCroy discussed her and Randle’s long-distance relationship with Us in October 2021, revealing that they intended to travel back and forth between each other’s residences up to the big day. “I’m here [in Charleston] and he has a place in California.” So we’ll probably live on two coasts,” she remarked. “Until [the wedding], we’ll continue doing it. I asserted that until we are married, we cannot cohabitate. We’ll live together when we are married.

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She said she would “love to uproot” from South Carolina but wasn’t quite ready to make a decision.

Get Set to Say “I Do”

The act of getting married has many benefits. After becoming engaged in October 2021, the soon-to-be bride-to-be spoke exclusively with Us about how safe she felt. “It’s basically like a partnership and a unified front that you can’t break,” the speaker said. I am eager for that.

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