Only two weeks into their marriage, Mario Lopez and Ali Landry decided to call it quits. They split up pretty quickly as a result of suspicions that Lopez had cheated on Landry. After some time has passed, the Saved by the Bell actor has come forth to criticize Landry in his book, Just Between Us.

The Extra host claims in his autobiography that Landry went from being a lovely Catholic girl with high morals to a beauty who was all about her appearance very rapidly.

Lopez remarked, “I believed she was the girl…,” after first seeing Landry at the Miss Teen USA pageant in 1998. She was a model, so she was constantly aware of how to dress and present herself well. She was a devout Catholic who was driven, ambitious, and hardworking, but she was also innocent and sweet. Numerous factors that were less significant but more evident may have been examined.

Mario Lopez Divorce

The actor and news anchor claims that as Ali Landry’s career took off, things immediately changed and she swiftly became an “image-obsessed” model.

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“The changes were subtle, but it sounded like she was becoming more materialistic in her interests and less concerned with what she was doing and more with how she looked. These were concerns that I had no interest in. Lopez asserts. Our conversations tended to focus more on her attempts to influence how I should act, dress, and be than on things we both enjoyed.

Ali Landry and Mario Lopez reconciled after a brief breakup, but she gave him a choice right away: ask her to marry him or break up with her. After that, the couple’s situation never improved. In his new book, Lopez claims that after having an affair with Landry at his bachelor party, he came to the conclusion that he didn’t truly love the man.

The truth struck me like lightning: I wasn’t in love, according to a line in Lopez’s book that reads, “Once I took responsibility for my feelings and realized how poorly I had managed my decisions. Thoughts began to flow, but it was already too late. My misgivings returned to plague me, and I realized that I ought to have ended our relationship before leaving.

For the first time in a long time, Ali Landry discussed her marriage and her friendship with Jennifer Lopez during the summer. She said to Oprah that she agreed with Mario’s claim that there was no adultery. All of her close friends and family were traveling to Mexico to attend her wedding, she said to Oprah. I, therefore, decided to be married.

After moving on to new endeavors, Lopez wed Courtney Mazza in Mexico on December 1, 2012. Gia Francesca, a 4-year-old daughter, and Dominic, a 1-year-old son, are the couple’s other children.

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No word from Mario Lopez’s agent regarding the reasons behind the ongoing smear campaign against Ali Landry. Given how openly Lopez discusses his previous relationships, the book’s title, “Just Between Us,” feels a little deceiving.

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