Natalie Maines Finally Divorced After 2-Year Legal Battle!

Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks has finally divorced her estranged spouse Adrian Pasdar after a two-year court battle.

A judgment was made on December 19, 2019, according to court records acquired by The Blast, rendering the pair formally divorced.

Natalie Maines Finally Divorced After 2-Year Legal Battle!
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As previously reported, the singer has been in a legal battle with her actor husband since 2017 about everything from the legitimacy of their prenuptial agreement to spousal support payments on a monthly basis.

The “Heroes” actor claimed poverty in court at one point, requesting that Maines be ordered to pay him $60,000 per month in child support.

Pasdar requested spousal support of $44,076 per month and child support of $16,427 per month, for a total of $60,503 per month.

Throughout the two-year legal struggle, Pasdar claimed Maines is enormously affluent, earning roughly $2 million each year as a musician. He also said she had a $50 million net worth and $4.5 million in real estate.

Money for the Dixie Chicks?

The couple had two children together, and he claims she was the major income during their marriage. Any money acquired during a marriage is considered “community property” in the state of California. So, according to Pasdar, Maines covered everything, including the mortgage, bills, and vacation property. He said at the time that he put his professional career on hold to focus on the children of his former wife while Maines traveled and recorded songs.

Natalie Maines Finally Divorced After 2-Year Legal Battle!

In other words, her money belongs to them.

Maines: We’ve Got A Vaild Prenup!

However, Natalie claimed in court that they had a prenuptial agreement and that the ‘Dixie Chicks’ money belonged to her and her alone.

The agreement was the source of the majority of Maines and Pasdar’s disagreements. Maines said they both signed the prenup before their marriage in 2000, but he questioned its legality.

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Their Settlement Agreement was autographed by them.

The good news is that the fight is ended, and the couple decided to split their assets and debts, according to legal records filed in October.

Although the settlement is confidential and not filed with the court, it is likely that some form of equalization payment and child support was made.

Finally, now that the verdict has been rendered, they are free to marry someone else. Or perhaps they won’t.