As if Normani weren’t already quarreling with social media about the whereabouts of her debut album. Tuesday’s appearance in the music video for Chris Brown’s most recent hit, “WE (We Embrace),” infuriated fans once more.

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Normani is shown arriving at Brown’s house at night in the hot five-minute video, which has already received 1.2 million views on YouTube. There, they do sensual slow dances while surrounded by purple strobe lights. The musicians hug and kiss each other underwater in another scenario.

Twitter users’ opinions on the artists’ cooperation appeared to be varied as reactions started to trickle in. While several viewers praised Normani for her dance prowess and connection with Brown, the “Wild Side” singer also received one notably negative comment. Users who choose to work with Brown are likely to be dissatisfied with their choice considering his illustrious background (and current) of abuse and colorism charges.

“We all had functioning brains when the abuse occurred and he’s had a good reputation ever since,” a member of Normani’s team said. “Nobody on her team should have to advise her not to work with Chris Brown.” A tweet from a Twitter user that has now gone viral was written. “It’s not about defending her. She needs to be there for him. He doesn’t care since Normani is an adult, that’s all.

Regarding Chloe Bailey’s planned duet with musician Chris Brown, one Twitter user wrote: “Working with a KNOWN continued abuser ie Chris Brown is so very disheartening. I adore my daughters @ChloeBailey & @Normani” (and rapper The Game). Where is the support for victims of domestic abuse? This guy REPEATEDLY mistreated several ladies, ejected black women from nightclubs, etc. Sigh.”

Since Normani was the first-ever brand ambassador for Brown’s infamously abused ex-girlfriend Rihanna’s lingerie line SavageXFenty, other fans also believed Normani had irresponsibly hooked up with Brown.

Following the release of the video, a tape in which Normani said she could “transform” Brown in an (undated) interview made its way around Twitter, adding to the unfavorable comments.

Normani has raved over Brown in a number of interviews, including the one she wrote as the magazine’s cover story in 2016 and one when she appeared with Fifth Harmony on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show in 2014.

Although his internet cult of fans would want to think otherwise, everyone who has followed Brown’s career or read stories about the singer understands that his domestic violence against Rihanna is far from the sole stain on his image. A lady only recently filed a civil case against Brown, claiming that he sexually assaulted her on a boat. A lady accused Brown of punching her so hard that her tissues flew out, prompting the LAPD to look into violence charges against the artist last June. Because there was “insufficient evidence,” he was not charged.

Since then, Brown has made text exchanges between himself and the woman public. He says these messages show the two had a cordial conversation. The model and actress Karrueche Tran, who was his ex-girlfriend, issued him a five-year restraining order in 2017 after he threatened her after they broke up. He was also detained in 2016 for allegedly pointing a pistol at a lady inside his house.

It seems sensible that Normani wouldn’t want to cuddle up to abuse claims against a man the length of a CVS receipt in the post-#MeToo era. It doesn’t appear to be a required step for her career, however, as the new pop artist managed to stay relevant despite a nearly three-year album release period. An artist with a long career who, in 2022, maybe less significant than Normani does not need to co-sign for her.

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Even worse, the cameo has been cited by fans as an example of the singer (and her staff) repeatedly putting themselves in danger. The most recent controversy was “Motivation.” which argues his point against Twitter users who made fun of a passage she wrote about new music. Her most recent song, “Fair,” hardly registered on anyone’s radar.

Though it appears that Normani’s cameo appearance with Chris Brown has alienated many of her fans, and it’s difficult to imagine how she could have gotten through this incident without issuing a formal apology, perhaps the backlash is the inspiration (wink, wink) she and her team must have done better.

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