Who Is Randall Emmett’s Girlfriend? Cheating Pictures That Led To Breakup With Lala Kent

Who Is Randall Emmett's Girlfriend? Cheating Pictures That Led To Breakup With Lala Kent

After cheating on Lala Kent with a new girlfriend, Randall Emmett ended their engagement. Recently, photos of cheating partners have surfaced online.

The Irishman, Silence, Lone Survivor, and Midnight in the Switchgrass have all featured Emmett as a producer, director, or TV host.

During his divorce from his ex-wife, Lala Kent, Randall and Lala first met in December 2015. He proposed to Kent in September of this year. She has deleted all of his photos from her Instagram account since their breakup.

Who Is Randall Emmett’s New Girlfriend?

In the same month that his ex-fiance, Lala Kent, gave birth to their daughter, Randall Emmett was having an affair with a new girlfriend. This guy has a 27-year-old girlfriend and she is 23 years old.

In March of 2021, Randall began seeing his new girlfriend. His ex-fiance was at home caring for their newborn daughter and working on her new brand while he and his new wife traveled together. She assumed he was at work because that’s what he said he was doing.

After Lala’s departure, Emmett’s new girlfriend moved in with him two days later. While he has yet to reveal the identity of his new flame, Lala has learned that he had an affair with another woman in Nashville in October of 2021.

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Randall Emmett’s Cheating Pictures Exposed

Soon after, photos of Randall Emmett with his new love interest surfaced online.

According to Page Six, Kent attempted to leave the house when images of Randall and his new girlfriend surfaced online in order to remove her daughter from the home’s poisonous environment and seek clarity for herself.

A recent Instagram post by “One Moms Battle” had Kent commenting. He was dubbed the week’s most egregious narcissist in the piece. During the course of her pregnancy, she revealed that she spent most of it alone, according to People.

After he had cheated on Lala, he made it difficult for her to leave his Bel Air estate. If she didn’t return home with their daughter, Randall threatened to contact the police. If Lala thought he had regained control of the situation, he might depart the premises.

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Randall Emmett and Lala Kent’s Split Reasons Revealed

They parted because Randall Emmett was cheating on Lala Kent with another 23-year-old woman. A year and a half ago, Ocean was born to the couple.

In the fall of 2021, Lala decided to call time on their relationship and the three-year engagement. As a result, she is now raising Ocean by herself.

He still sees her, but he and Kent use third-party apps to connect.

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