Is It True That A$AP Rocky Cheated On Rihanna?

Everyone on the internet seems to be congratulating Rihanna and her partner A$AP Rocky on their healthy pregnancy. Fans were horrified when, on April 14, 2022, a fresh rumor surfaced, suggesting that A$AP had cheated on her. The internet is screaming for Queen Rih’s defense, but did A$AP truly cheat?

Here’s what we know thus far about the issue.

Is It True That A$AP Rocky Cheated On Rihanna?

Rihanna and A$AP Ferg reportedly broke up when she spotted him cheating on her with Fenty footwear designer Amina Muaddi, according to a Twitter account named Kurrco, which promotes itself as a “hip hop and leak cultural material” account. In a subsequent post, the user claimed that the information originated from fashion influencer Louis Pisano.

Naturally, the rumor enraged fans, who demanded more details about the alleged split. “Even habitual cheaters don’t comprehend how and why A$AP Rocky would cheat on Rihanna,” one commenter remarked. “No way a random Twitter user said A$AP Rocky cheated and the entire internet believed it,” another remarked. Many of the remarks focused on rapper Drake’s possible reaction, as Rihanna has long been rumored to be “the one who got away.”

The rumors, according to a source who talked to TMZ early on April 15th, are untrue. The rumors, according to the source, were bogus “”100% false on both counts,” he claimed, adding that they are “one million percent not true.” Rihanna and [A$AP Rocky] are OK.” Rihanna and A$AP Ferg haven’t addressed the reports, but it’s unlikely they will if all is good between them.

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Amina Muaddi: Who is she?

Amina Muaddi, the designer of Fenty, has previously collaborated with Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. According to Vogue, the Jordanian-Romanian fashion designer has been fascinated in fashion since she was nine years old. Amina eventually relocated to Milan, where she studied at the European Institute of Design.

Amina Muaddi: Who is she?

Amina began working as a stylist for fashion journals such as L’Uomo Vogue, Condé Nast, and GQ shortly after graduating from the European Institute of Design. Amina’s insatiable desire for shoes led to the launch of her designer label, Amina Muaddi, at the age of 26. Rihanna hired Amina to design footwear for Fenty in 2018, with the first collection set to debut in 2020.

Amina claims that her passion for shoes in particular drove her to pursue a career as a designer. In 2020, she told Vogue, “When I was in university, literally all my money would go into shoes. Clearly it was an obsession. I think my interest stemmed from [the fact] that shoes are sculptural; they’re objects. You can put them on display on a table or shelf, and they’ll look good, but they’re most special when you try them on because they can impact your attitude.”

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Amina also collaborated with A$AP Rocky on a shoe collection for his creative business AWGE in December 2020, according to Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, which would explain why there are images of them together.

Despite the rumors, it appears that everything is going on pretty smoothly!

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