In accordance with court records, Sarah Palin, a former governor of Alaska, and Todd Palin, her marriage of even longer than 30 years, secretly finalized their divorce in 2020.

Even though the case had been long-hidden from view, the docket shows that their divorce was granted on March 23 after a non-contested hearing, which an Alaska court official confirmed.

Sarah Palin Divorce

Todd originally filed for divorce on Sept. 6, the day he turned 55. The parties’ temperamental differences make it challenging for them to coexist as husband and wife, he claimed in his initial lawsuit.

Todd argued that he desired shared custody of his youngest son, Trig, as well as an equal division of their assets. The docket indicates that no child support order was issued, but once the case was sealed, further data were kept confidential.

In their lone public interview on the dissolution of their marriage, Sarah, 56, told Dr. James Dobson in a podcast last fall that “a week after our 31st anniversary is when he filed.”

Then Sarah Palin continued, “Talking about it is difficult. She said, “It was terrible. I thought I’d been shot.

But she did add, “It’s not finished yet,” and “We’re going through counseling right now.”

“My kids don’t like it, which, you know, helps me, so that makes them cool,’ I gain from it. She stated on Dobson’s podcast in November that they don’t frequently respond, “Oh, it takes two to tango.” They were taught that you had a commitment to God, therefore that’s why they’re furious, you stated.

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Sarah Palin’s New Girlfriend

Todd “spends his time with his girlfriend whom he’s had for some time now,” Palin told the Post, implying that the former couple had moved on.

The 64-year-old Duguay, who was earlier married to supermodel Kim Alexis, is currently associated with the former vice presidential candidate for the Republican Party.
Palin said that the friendship started when she called an old friend, Duguay, for advice during her defamation case against The New York Times, in an interview with The Washington Post. She sued the newspaper for libel because an earlier editorial had incorrectly linked the words of her political group to mass murder.

Sarah Palin Divorce

Despite the fact that the lawsuit was ultimately dismissed a federal court said Palin failed to establish the Times acted with “actual malice,” which is what she described to the Post as “confident and comfortable”, her relationship with Duguay deepened.

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Duguay acted as a type of trial’s New York guide, the speaker continued. While I was free to explore New York, he would show me what he and the Rangers used to do, or at least where they did it.

I’ve never even addressed a lot of this personal stuff with anyone before, except maybe Ron, Palin told the Post during the interview. It has been lovely and refreshing to talk to Ron about life in general rather than just politics because he has more common sense than the DC collective as a whole.

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