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Sarah Shahi’s Plastic Surgery: Here’s What We Know

Sarah Shahi’s Plastic Surgery: Here's What We Know

Sarah Shahi, an American actress of Iranian and Spanish heritage, has been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry since the early 2000s, having appeared in various popular films and TV shows. Her captivating looks, charming demeanor, and outstanding acting abilities have earned her a large fan following.

Her unique physical features are attributed to her mixed ancestry. While she is widely recognized for her noteworthy performances on television, she has also faced speculations about undergoing cosmetic procedures as her career progresses.

Sarah Shahi Nose Surgery

According to reports, Shahi may have undergone rhinoplasty as her nose looks different from before, with a shorter bridge and no visible hump. It seems that her original nose did not suit her facial features, prompting her to opt for a nose job to improve her appearance. The surgery seems to have been successful in enhancing her beauty, but she has not confirmed undergoing any plastic surgery in public.

About Sarah Shahi’s Background

Shahi, who was born in Texas, USA in 1980 to an Iranian father and a Spanish mother, grew up in the Las Colinas district in a Muslim household. After graduating from Trinity High School, she went on to earn a degree in English and theater from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

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While working as a model, Shahi found an interest in cheerleading and joined the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders without any formal training. She made a few cameo appearances as a cheerleader in movies and TV shows and caught the attention of director Robert Altman, who encouraged her to pursue acting as a career.

Despite her success as a cheerleader, Shahi followed her true passion and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, which quickly led to a successful career and gained her a significant reputation in the entertainment industry.

Know About Sarah Shahi’s Career

Shahi’s acting career began with a cameo on the popular TV show Alias, and she later secured significant roles in shows such as The L Word, Life, Fairly Legal, and Chicago Fire. However, it was her portrayal of Sameen Shaw in the hit series Person of Interest that truly kickstarted her career, earning her widespread praise and contributing to the show’s critical and commercial success.

Shahi’s role in the 2018 Netflix series Reverie saw her playing a former hostage negotiator tasked with rescuing prisoners trapped in a virtual reality program. She has also made appearances on various television shows, including Reba, The Sopranos, Life, Fairly Legal, The Rookie, and Sex/Life.

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In addition to her television work, Shahi has acted in several films, including Old School, Bullet to the Head, The Death and Life of Bobby Z, and Daddy’s Home 2. She also had a notable role in the critically acclaimed movie Language Arts in 2020. Most recently, Shahi appeared as Isis in the highly anticipated DC Comics blockbuster film Black Adam.

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