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Know About Steven Crowder’s Wife As The Couple Split Up

Know About Steven Crowder's Wife As The Couple Split Up

Steven Crowder is a well-known American-Canadian conservative political commentator, comedian, and media host. He is famous for hosting the daily political podcast and YouTube channel with conservative commentary and comedic content called Louder with Crowder, which includes the recurring segment “Change My Mind”.

Crowder has been married to Hilary Crowder née Korzon, an interior decorator and former sales manager since August 2012. They have two children, Magnus and Charlotte, and the couple had been open about being devout Christians. Steven regularly shared photos of his wife on social media platforms, but in 2021, he revealed that she suffers from Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), which is a condition where nerve cells are damaged, leading to muscle weakness and even paralysis.

Crowder has been married to Hilary Crowder for over a decade, but the couple recently announced that they are getting a divorce. In this article, we will take a closer look at Steven Crowder’s wife, Hilary, and their relationship.

Who Is Hilary Crowder?

Hilary Crowder née Korzon is an interior decorator and former sales manager. She studied political science at Calvin College in Michigan and graduated in 2010. Hilary and Steven were last known to live in Dallas, Texas, and they have been open about being devout Christians. Although Steven has over 5.9 million YouTube subscribers on his political commentary YouTube channel Louder with Crowder, Hilary seems to enjoy her privacy.

In 2021, Steven revealed that his wife suffers from Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS). GBS is a rare and serious autoimmune disorder that affects the nervous system, leading to muscle weakness and even paralysis. It is unclear when Hilary was diagnosed with GBS, but Steven shared photos of her in the hospital and requested prayers for her recovery. Hilary has not made any public statements about her health condition.

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When Did Steven And Hilary Got Married?

Steven and Hilary got married on August 25, 2012, after a three-month engagement. They had previously announced their engagement in March of the same year. Steven revealed via FOX News that their wedding was perfect and that their wedding night was amazing.

The couple was judged throughout their relationship, as people laughed, scoffed, and poked fun at the young, celibate, naive Christian couple. However, they proved people wrong, and in August 2021, they welcomed twins, Magnus and Charlotte, into the world.

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All About The Divorce Of Steven And Hilary Crowder

On April 25, 2023, Steven announced that he and Hilary decided to end their marriage. Hilary had filed for divorce sometime in 2021. During an episode of Louder with Crowder, Steven told his subscribers that he had been living with a “proverbial boot on his neck” for years. He clarified that the end of his marriage wasn’t a result of infidelity or any kind of physical abuse on either side. He also made it clear that their children are blameless and that they decided to resolve their issues privately for their children’s sake.

The divorce has been a difficult experience for Steven, who considers it his “deepest personal failure.” He loved Hilary so much that he married her, but she wanted something else for her life. “That’s not my choice,” Steven said, “she simply wanted out, and the law says that’s how it works.”

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