Steve finished Synchronic’s bizarre time-travel tale in an unanticipated circumstance. We examine what transpired to him at the conclusion of the film.

The most important question raised by the conclusion of Synchronic is what happened to Steve (Anthony Mackie). Synchronic centers on longtime friends and paramedics Steve and Dennis (Jamie Dornan). And as the movie progresses, the two experience an increasing number of horrifying mishaps while working, which they later discover are related to a synthetic drug called Synchronic.

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Early in the movie, Brianna, Dennis’ teenage daughter, vanishes, and Synchronic is implicated in her disappearance. Steve makes a promise to find Brianna in order to support his grieving buddy. He discovers that Synchronic enables anyone with a malformed pineal gland, such as adolescents, to really travel back in time. Steve learns early on in the film that he has a brain tumor, which caused his pineal gland to stay immature. As a result, he is able to utilize the medicine to go back in time and try to locate her.

Steve purchases the last of New Orleans’ Synchronic in order to conduct experiments that will aid in his search for Brianna. He has a greater understanding of the drug as a result of those tests, which makes him think that he can go back in time and locate Brianna. Eventually, he is successful in finding her and returning her to her parents in the present. But Steve pays a terrible price for that.

How Synchronous Operates

Steve runs upon the chemist who created Synchronic, who conveniently explains how the medicine functions. Steve is informed by Dr. Kermani that persons using Synchronic are able to view time as it actually is, as opposed to linearly. To further illustrate this, he utilizes a record player’s needle, which can be dropped anywhere on a record to play a specific musical passage. Because the other components of the record are present at the same time, there is no particular need to proceed chronologically. The physician likens Synchronic to that needle since it enables a user to drop in at any given time.

Only users with a non-calcified, undeveloped pineal gland can feel the effects of the medication; Kermani is unaware of exactly why. Steve is able to travel across time using Synchronic, unlike other adults, since his malignant brain tumor prevented his own pineal gland from calcifying. He discovers that taking the medicine causes him to travel back in time for seven minutes. The place he stands in his living room determines the time period he returns to, albeit the movie never explains why.

For instance, one place in his living room transports him to a swamp, while another transports him to the Ice Age. Additionally, Steve learns that if he is holding onto objects while the drug takes effect, he may bring them back in time with him. The problem is that things might not go back to the present in exactly the same way. Steve’s ultimate task to save Brianna involves making use of all the knowledge he has gathered.

How did Brianna fare?

Steve learns where he needs to go in order to find Brianna after a series of mistakes. In a previous instance of Synchronic, Brianna and Steve are conversing on a boulder in a park as her younger sister is having a birthday celebration. The word “ALLWAYS” was prominently engraved into the boulder. After detailing his Synchronic experiments to Dennis, Steve speculated that Brianna may have carved it as a warning to the two of them in the past.

At that same moment, Steve stepped into Synchronic and traveled back in time to the American Civil War. He manages to transport Brianna to the present to be with her father after finding her largely undamaged. What happened to Brianna while she was sent to the past or afterward is never mentioned by Synchronic. That is due to the fact that it is irrelevant. Saving Brianna aided Steve in realizing what actually mattered. Synchronic is Steve’s narrative, and it centers on his struggle to accept his own mortality.

The Meaning of Steve’s Fate

It cost Steve much to keep Brianna safe. Brianna looks to be in the middle of the Civil War on a combat field when he gets to her. They are almost successful in carrying out their plan to safely return to the present when Steve gets wounded in the leg by a soldier who thinks he is a slave. While Steve is being held at gunpoint by the military, Brianna escapes. When they turn around and discover a ghostly Steve sitting on the boulder in the present, she is emotionally reunited with her dad. Dennis and Steve clasp hands before Steve vanishes into thin air. Steve leaves the scene and Synchronic concludes.

Who Always Carved The Boulder

Steve informs Brianna that they discovered her message on the boulder when he encounters her in the past. She doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so she didn’t carve “ALL THE TIME.” Steve is the most plausible option for the carver as he had a special connection to that site during Synchronic. However, the meaning conveyed by that term is what matters at the end, not the identity of the carver.

The precise statement on the boulder emerged in Synchronic by pure coincidence, according to filmmakers Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson of Synchronic, who also spoke to Comic Book Movie. They were always aware that a message of some type would be engraved there. It was originally intended to signify “anything,” and they were going to misspell the term they finally settled on in order to make it stick in people’s minds. While exploring the city of New Orleans on-site, Moorhead and Benson stumbled into the All Ways Cafe. The writing on the boulder was motivated by that.

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The message serves as a metaphor for how quickly time passes. In particular, the manner in which Steve traveled across time with ease is used to illustrate the unlimited possibilities that time offers in Synchronic. The universe opens up to endless possibilities once one transcends the belief that time flows linearly; everything is then conceivable. In the time-travel movie, “ALLWAYS” stands for precisely that. Steve offered his closest friend Brianna a world of limitless possibilities when he surrendered his life at the conclusion of Synchronic to rescue her.

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