Tammy Wynette Divorce - Complete Detail!

Tammy Wynette and George Jones are country music aristocracy, but their marriage had its share of ups and downs. In what year and for what reason did Wynette wed Jones? And how did they get along until her untimely death, which, incidentally, prompted a lawsuit against her widower and physician? Continue reading to learn more.

When Did They Marry?

When Wynette married Jones in 1969, their only daughter was born the following year. Those three of us: growing up with Tammy and George, was written by Georgette Jones, the daughter of Tammy and George.

It wasn’t just that Mom adored her father as a musician, she wrote. My mom had finally found her Prince Charming, and she was overjoyed.” She was desperate for a hero.”

Tammy Wynette Divorce - Complete Detail!

Even though Jones was “rough around the edges” when he drank, Wynette adored him and believed their relationship will blossom into something more wonderful in the future. “… she believed she could alter him, as many women have about the men they loved,” Georgette added.

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Tammy Wynette’s Divorce From George Jones

Unfortunately, Jones had a reputation for binge drinking, which got him into problems on more than one occasion. When Reba McEntire was alive, she recorded it.

Georgette concluded in her autobiography that she loved her father no matter how hard it was to say goodbye. Wynette first filed for divorce in 1973, according to their Biography, but the pair reconciled before she re-filed the paperwork. In 1975, the divorce was finally formalized.

Later, Wynette wrote a memoir about her ex-claimed husband’s drunken escapades while they were married. Despite her claims, he later refuted this in a memoir of his own. She and he continued to perform together for the rest of her life despite their divorce and the accusations against him.

In total, Wynette had five marriages. Before Jones, she was married twice and following their breakup, she was married twice more. He had two wives before Wynette, but only one after her death.

When did Tammy Wynette And George Jones Die?

When Wynette’s health began to deteriorate in her later years, she endured a series of abdominal adhesion surgeries and medical procedures. A blood clot in her lungs was the cause of her death, which occurred on April 6, 1998, at the age of 55. Nonetheless, she was buried without an autopsy.

In Tammy Wynette: A Daughter Recalls Her Mother’s Tragic Life and Death, Wynette’s daughter Jackie Daly argued that her mother’s death was caused in part by her mother’s dependence on prescription pills. She argued that Wynette’s addiction was fueled by a true need for medication that some of her friends and family members encouraged.

Tammy Wynette Divorce - Complete Detail!

As reported by MTV, Wynette’s kids sued her doctor, along with her fifth husband, George Richey, whom she had been married to for nearly two decades, for wrongful death. He was first implicated with her death because of the drugs he administered, but his name was later cleared.

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According to CMT, Wynette’s remains were excavated a year after she died and the cause of death was confirmed to be heart failure. After then, the parties were able to come to an agreement outside of court.

Jones died of respiratory failure on April 26, 2013, at the age of 81. George and Tammy, a television series based on the couple’s life together, is now under development. Jessica Chastain portrays Wynette, and Michael Shannon portrays Jones in the film.

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