Due to his provocative words, which are well-known among today’s young, Elon Musk is frequently a topic of conversation. And in today’s society, no one can avoid hearing about Elon Musk, the richest man on the planet, thus such a person’s lifestyle will not be like that of regular people. Check out Elon Musk’s net worth and car collection now.

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Elon Musk: A Personal Life

American businessman and entrepreneur Elon Musk is well-known. They have a variety of businesses, including SpaceX and Tesla, makers of rockets for space exploration. Elon Musk’s influence is so great that even one of his tweets or a single phrase he says can cause changes in the global market.

Elon Musk is a very reserved person. They constantly envision the future and work toward it, as though they were planning to establish a colony on Mars. His reputation as one of the richest individuals in the world today stems from these ideas. With a lot of effort and faith, he has succeeded in achieving this aim. That is why he is regarded as a role model by so many people worldwide. So let’s take a quick peek at Elon Musk today and see what cars he owns.

Elon Musk’s Private Life

South Africa’s Pretoria is where Elon Musk was born on June 28, 1971. Elon Musk’s mother’s name is Maye Musk, and his father, Errol Musk, was an engineer. When Elon Musk was 10 years old, his parents had a divorce. After that, he moved in with his father and younger brother, and sister and began attending school.

Since he was a youngster, Elon Musk has enjoyed reading. He started learning computer programming at age 10, and by the time he was 12, he had created a video game that he sold for $500.

Elon finished her early schooling while residing in Africa with her father. He moved to Canada and later earned a BE in Economics (BE) from the Wharton School of Business and a BA in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Value of Elon Musk

As of February 2022, Elon Musk’s net worth was estimated to be approximately $268 billion USD. It is more than 20 lakh crore rupees when converted to Indian rupees. He is among the wealthiest persons in the world with his money. Additionally, Elon Musk is a fantastic humanitarian who supports the underprivileged and needy. Their money is largely allocated to different public welfare initiatives.

Elon Musk’s automobile collection is evidence of his passion for them. Elon Musk owns several vehicles from various manufacturers. A few of these automobiles have left them. Check out all of their past Elon Musk Car Collections.

1978 BMW 320i
The 1978 BMW 320i is listed as the top vehicle in Elon Musk’s collection. Elon Musk bought his first automobile, a 1978 BMW 320i. For $1,400, he purchased the vehicle. The highest speed of this vehicle is 180 kmph, and it can travel from 0 to 60 mph.

1967 Jaguar E-Type

The 1967 Jaguar E-Type is listed as the second vehicle in Elon Musk’s collection. With funding from his first business, Zip2, Elon Musk purchased the vehicle. For $40,000, he paid for the automobile.

1997 McLaren F1
The 1997 McLaren F1 is listed as the third car in Elon Musk’s collection. Elon Musk’s first supercar was a McLaren F1, only 106 of which were produced globally. The 67th person to acquire the automobile was Elon Musk. And it was one of the seven automobiles that were smuggled into the country. This automobile can reach a peak speed of 386 kmph.

2006 Hamann BMW M5

The 2006 Hamann BMW M5 is listed as the fourth vehicle in Elon Musk’s collection. Elon Musk acquired the automobile in 2007. A modified sports automobile was the Hamann BMW M5. A 5.0 litre V10 engine powers the vehicle. This automobile can reach a peak speed of 326 kmph.

2008 Tesla Roadster
Elon Musk’s Tesla debuted their first electric vehicle, the “Tesla Roadster,” in 2008. In under 3.7 seconds, this automobile could accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph. This automobile had a 365 km driving range. The original owner of this automobile was Elon Musk. Long after Elon Musk had driven the vehicle, it was propelled into space in 2018 using a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket.

2010 Audi Q7

Before 2010, Tesla exclusively produced “Two Seater” automobiles. Elon Musk, therefore, desired a large automobile for his family. He therefore acquired an Audi Q7 in 2010.

1976 Lotus Esprit “Wet Nellie”
Elon Musk paid $ 920,000 for a Lotus Esprit submarine-style automobile that had appeared in the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me at an auction in 2013.

2012 Porsche 911 Turbo

Elon Musk’s favorite automobile is the Porsche 911. Two people can ride in the Porsche 911 sports vehicle. With a peak speed of 315 kmph and a 0 to 100 kmph acceleration time of 3.2 seconds, the Porsche 911 is a fast car.

1920 Ford Model T
Henry Ford’s Model T was one of the most important automobiles of the 20th century. Elon Musk received this vintage automobile from a friend as a present. When it was initially introduced, the automobile cost $ 850.

Tesla Model X

Elon Musk’s preferred automobile is the Tesla Model X. Elon Musk drives his family around in the vehicle, which has doors shaped like bird’s wings. This automobile has an SUV-like appearance. With a peak speed of 210 kmph, this vehicle goes from 0 to 100 kmph in 6 seconds. The automobile started at $ 94,990.

Tesla Model 3 Performance
The majority of Tesla’s vehicles are in Elon Musk’s auto collection. The Tesla Model 3 can travel as fast as 261 kmph. In 3.6 seconds, this automobile can go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. After charging, this vehicle’s range is 350 kilometers. The car’s current starting price is $58,990.

2019 Tesla Model S Performance ( Elon Musk Car Collection Tesla )

Most Model S drivers are Elon Musk. On a single charge, this 5-seater automobile has a 535 km range. With a peak speed of 250 kmph, this vehicle goes from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.1 seconds.

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Tesla Cybertruck
The Tesla Cybertruck has a really appealing design. Elon Musk’s automobile collection includes a Tesla Cybertruck. With a peak speed of 193 kmph, the Tesla Cybertruck has an 800 km range.

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