The Worst Boyfriend On The Upper East Side – Everything We Know!

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Julia found her mother’s new partner in the summer of 2018. Rachelle, Julia’s mother, was a septuagenarian who had been divorced from Julia’s father for nearly three decades. She’d signed up for Our Time, an older-oriented dating service. (“At long last!” exclaims the website.) “A dating site that not only recognises but actively celebrates the fact that you’re over 50.”) Julia and I had been friends for nearly two decades, and her mother had been single all that period. She had only dated on the side until she met Nelson Roth.

The Surrey, a premium hotel on East 76th Street near Rachelle’s Upper East Side apartment, hosted their first date. Nelson was her favourite. He had a slim build and a full head of hair despite his ancient age. He began cracking jokes and questioning questions as soon as they sat down. In khaki slacks and a crisp white shirt, he exuded both means and ease. He was in business and in the midst of a major transaction. To Rachelle, he claimed to be an art dealer. He had a dazzling watch with a red band on his left wrist, which he flashed frequently. Nelson was impressive, personable, and most importantly, a lot of fun, despite his lack of nuance.

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They planned to meet up again, this time at the best restaurants in town. Nelson was an excellent tipper. Almost everyone in town seemed to recognise him and address him by name; the Carlyle’s doorman would greet him and escort him to a table. Nelson was boisterous and outgoing. He was dazzled by the world, as well as Rachelle. He once told her that he could stare at her all day. In a few of weeks, they were a couple.

Nelson boasted about his numerous residences—his London apartment, his Saint-Tropez villa—but he informed Rachelle that his main residence was at 35 East 63rd Street, a refurbished mega-mansion a block and a half from Central Park. He was tired of the city, though, and informed Rachelle he wanted to go to Connecticut. They talked about buying a house together. Nelson’s life seemed to move at warp speed despite the fact that they had only been dating for a few months.

Nelson set up a meeting with a prominent New Yorker. Rachelle was perplexed as to why she was in the city looking at Connecticut real estate, but Nelson assured that this broker had all the necessary connections. He also desired Rachelle to attend on her own. He told her not to mention him and to act like she was looking for a house. She was perplexed, but she followed through.

One evening, Rachelle saw Nelson was upset. He needed to complete a large transaction, but his broker was unavailable on Friday night. He needed $7,000 to get by. Rachelle lacked the financial means, but her daughter did. Overjoyed, Nelson told Rachelle that he would return her on Monday, plus an additional $500.

Julia was irritable following knee surgery. Nelson was mentioned by her mother, and she didn’t like him. She was furious that he would beg for money, and she was taken aback when her mother accepted. Julia hesitantly paid up after Rachelle persisted.

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Julia had no money on Monday. And Nelson kept making promises. But nothing happened for days, and each day he came up with a new excuse. He finally admitted to Rachelle that he was suffering from cardiac difficulties. Julia pretended to be Nelson’s daughter and called the hospital, only to be told that he wasn’t a patient. When Rachelle later contacted Nelson, he stated that no record of him existed because he was on the VIP floor.

Rachelle reimbursed Julia after a month, but this did not alleviate Julia’s anxieties. Who was this ostensibly affluent but cash-strapped man attempting to persuade her mother to put money into Connecticut real estate? Julia told me that fall, “Nelson Roth is the fakest fucking name I’ve ever heard.”

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