What Is Jaime King’s Net Worth?

On April 23, 1979, Jaime King was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Her mother was a beauty queen, so she knew from a very young age that she would be in show business. Jaime was raised with two siblings and went to modeling school at a very young age. She was named after the main character in the hit TV show “The Bionic Woman.” By the time she was 13, her parents had split up. Two years later, she quit high school to become a model in New York.

Jaime King Past Relationship

In 2005, King started dating Kyle Newman, who was the director of “Fanboys.” King and Newman had one child together, but at one point, King had five miscarriages. But in 2015, she successfully had her second child. In the year 2020, King asked Newman for a divorce and got a temporary restraining order against him.

What Is Jaime King's Net Worth?

Jaime King Professional Career

Michael Flutie, a modeling agent, found Jaime King when she was 14 years old, and that’s when she started her career. Flutie asked King to work in New York, and she signed a contract with Company Management and moved there quickly. At this point, she changed her name to James, which she kept as she started her career as a model and actress.

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In 1994, Abercrombie & Fitch ran her first big advertisement. By the time she was 15, she had appeared in well-known magazines like “Vogue,” “Mademoiselle,” “Allure,” and “Seventeen.” A year later, she added “Glamour” and “Harper’s Bazaar” to this list. In 1996, she was the subject of a cover story in “New York Times Magazine.” During this time, she walked the runway for major brands like Chanel, Alexander McQueen, and Christian Dior.

By the late 1990s, she started to focus more on acting. She co-hosted MTV’s “House of Style” with Rebecca Romijn, but King has kept up her modeling career for the rest of her life. Her first major film role was in the independent movie “Happy Campers,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2001.

During the early 2000s, King got parts in movies like “Slackers,” “Four Faces of God,” and “Bulletproof Monk.” With “Bulletproof Monk,” she got her first lead role in a major Hollywood film, but critics didn’t like it. During this time, she also appeared in “White Chicks,” which also got bad reviews.

What Is Jaime King's Net Worth?

By the middle of the 2000s, King was starting to be in more successful projects, like the movies “Sin City” and “Pretty Persuasion.” However, she also continued to be in films that critics didn’t like, like “Cheaper by the Dozen 2” and “Two for the Money.” During this time, she also started to be in more TV shows, like “The O.C.,” but she was mostly in movies during this time.

At the end of the 2000s, King was in “Fanboys,” which was directed by her future husband, Kyle Newman. After that, King worked on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and shows like “My Generation,” “Hart of Dixie,” and “Black Summer.”

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What is Jaime King’s Net Worth?

American actress Jaime King has a net worth of $1 million. In the 1990s, Jaime King started out as a fashion model, appearing in magazines like “Vogue” and “Harper’s Bazaar.” By the late 1990s, she had switched her focus to acting and gotten a few small roles in different movies. In 2001, she broke into the mainstream with a major role in “Pearl Harbor.” After that, she starred in movies like “Bulletproof Monk,” and she continued to get major roles all through the early 2000s.

What Is Jaime King's Net Worth?

King is known for playing the lead role in the TV show “Hart of Dixie.” More recently, she has been in the show “Black Summer.” Jaime is also a well-known voice actor who has had roles in animated shows like “Robot Chicken” and “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”