The defamation case involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is now in its fifth week, and some weary fans are wondering when it will all be over.

Johnny Depp, star of Pirates of the Caribbean, is suing his ex-wife, Aquaman actress Amber Heard, for defamation for an op-ed she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018. Depp is being sued by Heard.

After a 10-day break, the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continued on Monday.

The trial has been streamed live throughout, making it one of the most watched celebrity stories in recent years.

It was supposed to finish this week, but it’s been prolonged.

The defamation action between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard began last month, on April 11 in Fairfax, Virginia.

According to the Independent, the proceedings will take place in Fairfax because the online edition of The Washington Post is published there.

When Will The Johnny Depp And Amber Heard  Trial End?

Following a pause in proceedings due to a schedule conflict revealed at the outset of the trial, the Johnny Depp against Amber Heard case resumed on Monday (16 May).

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The break happened in the middle of Heard’s evidence, which she had given on May 4 and 5. During the third week of the trial, Depp had already completed his four-day deposition.

When will the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber end?

The trial was supposed to end on Thursday, May 19th, but it was postponed until Monday because there is still a lot of evidence to be presented.

It will now conclude on May 27th, after which the jury will deliberate.

They’ll decide whether Heard defamed Depp in the 2018 Washington Post story at the center of the case on the balance of probabilities.

What happened at the Monday trial?

On Monday, jurors were shown images of Heard with red markings and swelling on her face during the couple’s alleged final battle before their divorce, as well as testimony regarding her skill at concealing injuries with make-up.

When Will The Johnny Depp And Amber Heard  Trial End? Details Inside

Several of the photographs exhibited had never been viewed by the jury before and showed far greater redness and edema than previous photos.

Depp allegedly hurled a phone at her face, according to Heard.

In her Monday testimony, Heard stated that she did not cooperate with authorities who arrived to the couple’s penthouse and that her face-to-face interactions with officers were limited.

She also talked about her make-up procedure, which included concealing marks on her face with a color correction wheel she dubbed her “bruise kit.” She claimed she’d learned through time to wear green colors to mask redness on the first day of a bruise, then move to orange hues when the bruise developed blue and purple.

Ms Vasquez questioned Heard on cross-examination about various images of her that did not appear to show injuries despite the fact that they were taken within days of claimed abuse occurrences. Heard said she covered bruises with make-up and used ice to lessen swelling.

She said, “You should see what it looked like behind the make-up.”

When Will The Johnny Depp And Amber Heard  Trial End? Details Inside

During her testimony on Monday, Heard vehemently refuted Depp’s claim that she left human feces in the couple’s bed following a fight. Heard said the couple’s miniature Yorkshire terrier was to blame, and that it had a history of gastrointestinal issues after ingesting Depp’s marijuana by accident.

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Heard also discussed the op-ed piece itself, claiming that the first copy was written by staffers at the American Civil Liberties Union, for which she had begun working as an ambassador. She stated she was delighted to contribute her voice to the conversation around domestic violence and that she wasn’t referring to Depp.

Heard closed her statement by describing the daily accusations from Depp fans that she is lying about the assault as “torture.”

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