Who Is A Rod Dating? Complete Dating History!

Alex Rodriguez, a former professional baseball player, has been spotted with a new woman, a Texas fitness model.

Rodriguez was first spotted with Kathryne Padgett at a Green Bay Packers game in January 2022.

The duo was recently spotted working out together in Miami, just days after his ex-fiancée, Jennifer Lopez, said “yes” to Ben Affleck’s proposal.

Padgett made their relationship public on social media when she tagged Rodriguez in an Instagram story at a Minnesota Timberwolves game, and Rodriguez commented on her recent Instagram post with a clapping emoji.

Yes, there were romance rumours circulating.

Padgett is originally from Beaumont, Texas, and now lives in Dallas, where she works as the nutrition director for a sports performance company and competes in NPC fitness competitions.

A social influencer for an athletic lifestyle gear brand, the fitness model is also.

Rodriguez’s athletic history is familiar to her, as she was once an athlete herself. At the University of St. Thomas-Houston, she was a soccer player. She aims to become a Registered Dietitian in the near future as she continues her athletic career.

Padgett also mentions Miami in several of her recent posts, which we know is where Rodriguez lives.

The fitness model is clearly a sports fan, as she is frequently seen with A-Rod at various sporting events, including a Houston Astros game. Who knows, maybe he’ll accompany her to Texas as her plus one!

A-Rod’s Dating History

A-Rod has dated some famous women. Let’s revisit the bachelor’s past relationships with actors and dancers.

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Cynthia Scurtis

From 2002 through 2008, A-Rod married Cynthia Scurtis. They had two kids.

Who Is A Rod Dating? Complete Dating History!

Candice Houlihan

A-Rod allegedly spent a night with a lady when he was married. Boston hairstylist Candice Houlihan claims the player cheated in 2004.

Joslyn Noel Morse

Rod’s mistress wasn’t just A-Houlihan. 2007: Las Vegas club dancer and Yankees player. Across the country, they were seen in several paparazzi images.


2008 wasn’t simply A-breakup Rod’s year. Madonna and Guy Ritchie split. These two were spotted following the court filing. The singer went to a few baseball games.

Who Is A Rod Dating? Complete Dating History!

Melissa Britos

Madonna was expected to date during A-divorce Rod’s process. The Yankees’ shortstop texted this Miami model frequently.

Alicia Marie

A-Rod partying after 2008 divorce Paparazzi images showed a girl with the athlete. Alicia Marie met A-Rod.

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel rumours started in 2009. They were sighted in NYC but never confirmed dating. Ten years passed before fans found out.

Who Is A Rod Dating? Complete Dating History!

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudon’s appearances to Alex’s games sparked dating rumours. Her parents came, too. Their public kiss revealed they were dating.

Elaine Spottswood

A-Rod said girls were “extremely clingy.” In 2010, he dated Elaine Spottswood after Kate Hudson. They made headlines after lunching, but it was rare.

Cameron Diaz

A-next Rod dated Cameron Diaz. From May 2010 through September 2011, they allegedly dated. Before becoming public, they kept their relationship private.

Who Is A Rod Dating? Complete Dating History!

Lauren Hunter

Mismatched schedules caused A-Rod and Cameron Diaz to split, but rumours circulated that he was unfaithful. He dated Lauren Hunter in 2011.

Ella Magers

Ella Magers is Rodriguez’s fitness trainer. She trained and advised the athlete’s nutrition. Both were fit.

Torrie Wilson

A-Rod likes fit girls. The Yankees star dated WWE Diva Torrie Wilson after quitting his trainer. Unlike most of his former short-lived partnerships, these two lasted 4 years from 2011.

Kyna Treacy

A-Rod cheated. Torrie Wilson didn’t differ. A-Rod was seen flirting with a fan in 2012. Kyna Treacy in the stands.

Who Is A Rod Dating? Complete Dating History!

Demi Moore

After dinner, everyone discussed Demi Moore and A-Rod. They dated in 2012. Moore knew Madonna. Puzzled fans.

Julianne Hough

A-Rod failed in baseball and with Hollywood’s women. Julianne Hough was groped in 2013. He shot with 13-year-old her.

Erin Simmons

Indeed. A-Rod was linked to another fitness model after his 2015 split from Torrie Wilson. Met Erin Simmons in a gym (surprise, surprise). They dated soon.

Who Is A Rod Dating? Complete Dating History!

Anne Wojcicki

Rodriguez dated Sergey Brin’s ex-wife Anne Wojcicki from 2016 to 2017. They attended a public event two months after meeting.

Jennifer Lopez

Lopez and Anthony watched A-Rod. Since they were both in relationships, nothing came of the photo.

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The End of J-Rod

Maybe things weren’t as great as reported. Page Six announced their split in March 2021. Cheating scandals caused the split.

Who Is A Rod Dating? Complete Dating History!

Jessica Sekely

After J.Lo and A-engagement Rod’s was announced, online infidelity rumours surfaced. Jose Canseco tweeted that his ex-wife, Jessica Sekely, was seeing A-Rod.

Madison LeCroy

A-Rod dated Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy in 2021. During the season 7 reunion, LeCroy and the baseball player exchanged online messages. The claim went viral.

Zoe Gregory

Zoe Gregory said A-Rod sent her private messages. Model thinks DMs weren’t appropriate.

Who Is A Rod Dating? Complete Dating History!

Melanie Collins

A-Rod was pictured dating a blonde stunner just months after divorcing Jennifer Lopez. In July 2021, the athlete shopped with Melanie Collins. It was 2 hours before his ex.

Kathryne “Kat” Padgett

Alex returned to the game after J.Lo’s breakup (not the game of baseball). A-Rod was seen with Kathryne “Kat” Padgett.

Kelly Bensimon

In 2022, Kelly Bensimon dated ex-Yankees. In a podcast, she gushed about A-Rod. She dismissed dating rumours.

Who Is A Rod Dating? Complete Dating History!

Lindsay Shookus

After A-Rod and J.Lo split, Lopez dated Ben Affleck. On Instagram, he said he wanted to “start over.” “I’m purging what doesn’t serve me.”

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