Who Is Adam Carolla’s Girlfriend? Meet Crystal Denha!

Adam Corolla seems to have met someone new. He works at a radio station. PageSix said that the 58-year-old comedian has been dating 38-year-old funny girl Crystal Marie Denha for the past few months. This is happening at the same time that he is splitting up with Lynette Carolla, the woman he has been married to since 2002. Adam asked for a divorce in May 2021. His wife, who had left him, said they had been living apart since April 2019.

Adam Corolla is a comedian, actor, radio host, and podcaster who lives in the United States. He is the host of The Adam Carolla Show, a talk shows that you can get as a podcast. In 2011, Guinness World Records called it the “most downloaded podcast.” Carolla and Drew Pinsky were both hosts of the radio call-in show Loveline. He was also a co-host on the TV shows Loveline on MTV and The Man Show. He is a co-creator of the TV show Crank Yankers and is often on it. Find out more about his love life, including who he is dating now, Crystal Denha.

Who Is Adam Carolla’s Girlfriend? Meet Crystal Denha!

Know About Crystal Denha

Crystal Denha is a 38-year-old host, actress, and stand-up comedian with Iraqi roots. She was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She began her career as a reporter for Extra, HBO Boxing, Sunrise Australia, HLN’s The Daily Share, and HBO’s live red-carpet events.

She became well-known online as the host, producer, and creator of the popular sports channel The Fumble. Her website says that more than 300 million people had watched her videos before she started appearing on TV.

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Crystal has been on a number of TV shows, including Jane the Virgin, The Flip Side, Instacurity, and Time for Passion. Crystal has done stand-up comedy at well-known comedy clubs in Los Angeles and New York, like the Improv and the Comedy Factory.

Who Is Adam Carolla’s Girlfriend? Meet Crystal Denha!

When Did Adam Carolla And Crystal Denha Start Dating?

Since he broke up with Lynette, Adam has moved on with his life. He is now with Crystal Denha, a comedian. On December 18, 2022, she was said to have started dating Adam Carolla. At the time, a source told Page Six, “They’ve been together for a few months. Last year, Carolla broke up with his wife on his podcast two days before Mother’s Day. He was 56 at the time. He said, “We have some bad news to start the show off with: Lynette and I are getting a divorce.”

Adam Carolla’s Past Relationship With Lynette

The two people got married in September 2002, after dating for six years. Adam and Lynette have a son named Santino “Sonny” and a daughter named Natalia. They are twins.

Adam Carolla AND LYNETTE

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They had twins on June 7, 2006, almost four years after they got married. Adam said this about how his kids were affected by his divorce: “Kids come first, and they always have. “We’ll start the show with some sad personal news: Lynette and I are getting a divorce,” the actor said. I didn’t want it to happen or do it on purpose. Both Lynette and I got divorced when we were young.