Bella Hadid rarely discusses her current relationship with Marc Kalman, an art director who is most recognised for his work with Kylie Jenner’s on-again, off-again lover Travis Scott.

Last July, the 25-year-old model appeared to confirm her relationship with Kalman via an Instagram post. She was photographed cuddling up to a male at the moment, which admirers assumed was Kalman. ‘Time of my life,’ the caption stated.

‘I’m well, I’m working, and I’m loved.’

She celebrated Valentine’s Day by posting a series of lovely photos of the couple on her Instagram account, which seemed to be an homage to their budding romance.

‘To my bestie in a Tessie,’ she captioned one shot of her snuggling up on the sofa with Kalman, while another one showed them dining al fresco, and Hadid captioned it, ‘Favorite dinner date.’

Other photographs showed them holding hands, joking around, and overall appearing to be head over heels in love.

Bella Hadid, who was formerly linked to musician The Weeknd, also released a video of the two canoodling in front of a mirror, with Kalman clutching her from behind, and she couldn’t look happier.

While openly expressing her love for Kalman, she made sure to give a message to her fans about the value of self-love, as she always does.

Who Is Bella Hadid's Boyfriend? Everything You Need To Know!

The most essential relationship is with yourself,’ she wrote, adding, ‘Love comes in so many forms.’ So, if you’re feeling left out today for any reason, remember that while it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s also Monday [sic].’

According to Page Six, Hadid and Kalman had been dating for a year before going public with their relationship on Instagram in July.

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‘They hid it well,’ an insider told the news outlet.

‘They were very careful not to be seen on a public street at the same time,’ the person continued, adding that there was ‘never any PDA.’

However, there were clues that they were dating as early as 2020, when they were observed leaving a café together in lower Manhattan and having lunch with a buddy.

Who is Marc Kalman?

Marc Kalman, a well-known fashion designer and art director, began his career in the arts approximately ten years ago.

Kalman is best known for designing the whole branding for famed musician Travis Scott, including logos, album covers, and tour posters.

More fascinating projects Marc has worked on in the past can be seen on his website, such as working as a fashion assistant for T Magazine, designing the “smoke x mirrors” campaign, and producing branding for the Milk Studio’s fashion week.

How did Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman meet?

They’d known each other for a long time before they started dating.

This comes as no surprise, given Marc’s success as a fashion designer and his numerous collaborations with Bella over the years.

bella hadid and marc kalman

According to a close insider, Bella and Marc began dating in secret in July 2020. The two even left meals and gatherings separately, according to a source who spoke to Page Six, in order to avoid being seen together.

Bella had an on-again, off-again romance with the popular singer The Weeknd before meeting Marc.

We are particularly excited to see Bella settle down with Marc in a loving, healthy relationship because we know how on-again, off-again relationships can cause mental suffering.

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