As their “bromance” was too much for viewers to bear, the two had given rise to the identical rumor when they appeared in an episode of Dave on FX a year prior.

Soon, unfounded accusations about them being gay began to circulate on social media. So let me explain why many believe Benny and Lil Dicky are rekindling their relationship in 2022.

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Many of Benny’s admirers are unaware that he played a joke on them.

He uploaded a TikTok today with the overlay message, “I wish the 12-year-old me could see who I was seeing now,” and a photo of himself from that time.

The TikTok then displays a photo of Benny and Lil Dicky that was shot during the Dave series premiere.

From behind, Benny is seen giving Lil Dicky a tight hug as they both beam broadly for the camera.

And he added “oh chuck” as the caption. Fans couldn’t help but wonder whether the two were genuinely dating, so it was only a matter of time until confusion erupted on TikTok.


The current video from Benny is only a continuation of the earlier prank that was based on speculation that something was developing between him and Lil Dicky.

Episode three of season two of Dave served as the catalyst, with scenes of Lil’s persona and Dave having a wonderful time.

By enjoying themselves, we mean putting on a chemistry show that would convince anybody of their compatibility.

Some others were plainly unable to tolerate the bromance since they romantically associated the two in real life.

However, the on-screen friendship you witnessed was only a small portion of the parts played by both musicians, who are heterosexual.

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Lil Dicky and Benny have both been quite secretive about their personal lives. They haven’t openly discussed being in a relationship with anybody, nor have they been romantically connected to any other celebrities (apart from each other).

But according to reports, Lil Dicky wrote a song about seeing his ex-girlfriend wed someone else.

The song Molly is dedicated to his “real-life ex-girlfriend,” according to Capital Xtra.

The artist hasn’t only talked about his romantic life, though.

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