Who Is Bethany Joy Lenz Dating? Complete Details!

Haley James Scott, the character from One Tree Hill, is adored all around the world. Bethany Joy Lenz is the actress that portrays Jamie on One Tree Hill.

Bethany is a stunning and skilled actress who has made quite an impression in the profession with her acting abilities. However, few people are aware of her private life, which includes her previous marriages, daughter, and divorce.

Is Josh Kelly Dating Bethany?

UnREAL alum Josh Kelly is an actor from the United States. According to US Weekly, Bethany and Josh Kelly, both 38, are dating. They were caught holding hands at a farmer’s market in June 2018 and are said to be completely inebriated in love. According to an informant, the couple also attended the 4th annual Make Equality Reality Gala in Beverly Hills together.

“They were inside the gala together, sitting at a table near together and speaking nonstop.” They were standing up talking to another couple at one point, and Bethany had her arm around Josh’s waist. At one point, [she] was rubbing his back.”

Who Is Bethany Joy Lenz Dating? Complete Details!


“All night, they were really happy with each other, sitting very close together and immersed in one other.” They appeared to be very comfortable.”

The couple also shares adorable photos of themselves on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.’

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Bethany’s Relationship Status

Beautiful Bethany Joy was previously married to Michael Galeota, a musician. The couple married in 2005 and have a daughter, Maria Rose Galeotti, who was born in 2011. During the eighth season of One Tree Hill, Bethany was expecting Maria.

But, like every relationship, theirs was put to the test, and the two couldn’t come out of it unscathed, resulting to their divorce in 2012, ending a six-year relationship.

Who Is Bethany Joy Lenz Dating? Complete Details!

Bethany explained her marital life by saying,

“As most of you know, I am quite private about my personal life, as much as I like sharing the magic of ordinary days with you. ‘I’m sorry to announce that Michael and I have chosen to divorce,’ I’m sorry to say that Michael and I have decided to divorce,’ I’m sorry to say that Michael and I have decided to divorce,’

Bethany and Michael have opted to keep their relationship private. However, based on their statements before to their divorce, the two are likely to be good friends.

Furthermore, the fact that they are co-parents of their daughter could signal that they are still in touch, as we all know that a person’s children are highly significant to them.

However, this is just a guess, so don’t panic just yet till they make an official declaration. But one thing is certain: Bethany adores her daughter, even if she avoids putting her in the spotlight.

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Bethany’s Private life

Michael, on the other hand, has kept his feelings about the divorce to himself.

Following her divorce from Michael, she was linked to her co-star James Lafferty, with various reports circulating that the two were dating.

However, it was eventually shown to be a hoax because they made no public remark addressing the dating rumours. In One Tree Hill, the two played Nathan Scott and Haley James, and they were a romantic couple in the show.