Who Is BlocBoy JB’s Girlfriend? Details!

American rapper and songwriter James Baker are better known by his stage name “BlocBoy JB.” He is best known for his work with Canadian rapper Drake on the hit song “Look Alive.” JB grew up in a place where there were a lot of gangsters, but he was able to leave his past behind and go into the music business.

He started his career by posting his own music on his “SoundCloud” page, which later got a lot of attention. He met producer Tay Keith when he was in his early teens. He learned a lot from Keith, and he became his best friend.

He also made BlocBoy a well-known rapper with his help. BlocBoy’s first mixtape, “Who Am I,” came out under the label “Bloc Nation.” It had the hit song “No Chorus Pt. 6” on it and was a big hit right away. After his song “Shoot” came out, people started doing the “shoot dance,” which he made up.

Who Is BlocBoy JB’s Girlfriend?

People are just as interested in what he does outside of work as in what he does at work. Continue reading to learn more.

About BlocBoy JB’s Girlfriend

BlocBoy is seeing Danielle Washington right now. In addition, they had a child together. He put a photo of her on his Facebook page on September 8.

He typed, “My girlfriend Danielle Washington owns 22 tax offices in 9 different states. She’s looking for Tax Professionals in Indianola, MS, Cleveland, MS, Greenwood, MS, Tupelo, MS Senatobia, MS, Greenville, MS, Jonesboro, AR, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, MEMPHIS, TN (5 Locations), Lafayette, LA, Chicago, IL, Birmingham, AL, and Las Vegas, NV! If you are interested, please text “TAX BOSS” to 678-895-5932! There is no need for experience.”

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Who Is BlocBoy JB’s Girlfriend?

Danielle Washington is currently on Facebook under the name @Danielle Washington. She started Washington Credit and Tax Solutions, LLP and owns it. She went to Gentry High School. She went to William Carey University after finishing high school.

She is also @ therealdanni on Instagram.

There, 115K people follow her. “DANNI WASHINGTON Public figure BRAND AMBASSADOR 8 Figure Mentor CEO of @wcts 2018 #22locationsCEO of CDW Realty For all business inquiries, please email info@washingtoncts.com,” she wrote in her biography.

About BlocBoy

James Baker was born on May 19, 1996, in Memphis, TN. The name was given to him by his father, who is in prison for 25 years for rape. In 2008, when Baker was 12, his dad got out of jail and went to Baker’s house for a short time to see him.

When he was 14, Baker joined the Grape Street Watts Crips. The gang is based in Los Angeles, but it has a branch in Memphis called the “Peda Roll Mafia.”

Who Is BlocBoy JB’s Girlfriend?

In songs like “Rover,” Baker talks about how he was part of the group. Baker broke into a home in 2012 and spent a month in jail because of it. He did the rest of his time at home. Baker has said that the invasion was “sloppy” and that the invaders didn’t wear masks and only had a BB gun.

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Baker moved from North Memphis to Raleigh when he was 14 and began making music. There, he met Tay Keith, who later produced “Look Alive.” Soon after that, he and Tay Keith began making music together.