At their senior prom, Bronny James and his girlfriend Peyton Gelfuso were spotted dancing the night away. By tagging her in a post on social media, he at last disclosed the identity of his prom date.

James is receiving his diploma from Sierra Canyon School, which is located in Chatsworth, California. The images from his prom reflect how much he has matured over the past several years and how thrilled he is about the future. Peyton Gelfuso, who he took to the prom, was visible in a few of the pictures.

LeBron James, Bronny’s father, has never given up hope that his son will join him in the National Basketball Association before he hangs up his sneakers. As the only four-star recruit in the class of 2023, he is already receiving scholarship offers from a wide variety of universities.

On Instagram, Bronny James has announced the identity of his girlfriend, Peyton Gelfuso

Bronny James has, at long last, provided his Instagram followers with the name of his lover. He did this in a number of the shots they took at the prom.

Gelfuso donned a sparkling feather white dress from Jovani Fashions and Noell Store, whereas James wore a tux from Custom Waraire Boswell.

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She went to the Royalty Tans location in Simi Valley, California, to get her tan so that she could look her absolute best during the prom. Peyton went to Always Strive & Prosper to have her hair done, and she went to Juliana, aka, to have her makeup done.

It appeared as though both Bronny and Peyton were quite enthusiastic about the prom. On their respective Instagram stories, the couple shared a number of photographs. It appears to be the first time the teenagers have shared photographs of each other on a social networking site.

After looking at her social media presence, I have the impression that she comes from a wealthy family. A kindergarten through high school graduation is in her future.

When did Bronny James and Peyton Gelfuso start dating, and how long have they been together?

It would appear that Bronny James and Peyton Gelfuso have been dating for some time now after looking at their most recent images posted to Instagram together.

Who Is Bronny James Prom's Girlfriend? All We Know!

Savannah, his mother, has already expressed her approval of his girlfriend by sharing photos of the two of them together on her Instagram account. His fans are curious to learn more about the couple’s relationship because they appreciate the prom photos they took together.

It’s probable that both James and Gelfuso would have been accepted into prestigious universities. It’s unclear whether they’ll be attending the same universities. Marca claims he will be able to enter the NBA Draft in 2024 if he finishes his college career between 2023 and 2024. It’s possible that he’s already planning to join the draught.

Who Is Peyton Gelfuso?

Both Bronny James and his girlfriend, Peyton Gelfuso, will be receiving their diplomas from Sierra Canyon School. They are both members of the class of 2022 and were seen together at the prom just recently.

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Peyton now has 18.1 thousand followers on her Instagram account. Her Instagram account is packed with images documenting her high school journey, and she has recently begun blogging about her forthcoming prom.

Because she has submitted images from her vacation, it appears that she enjoys going to beaches and travelling. In August of 2016, Gelfuso travelled to Hawaii, and more recently, he travelled to Cancun.

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