Who Is Carson Wentz Girlfriend? Details!

Carson Wentz is on his third NFL team. After being traded from the Philadelphia Eagles, where he had a season that could have won him the MVP award, to the Indianapolis Colts, where he had two disappointing seasons, he is now with the Washington Commanders. This is his last chance to show that he is still good enough to start in this league. No matter what happens in his career, the quarterback will always have his two rings.

The first is his Super Bowl ring, and the second is the one his girlfriend Maddie Oberg gave him in 2018. Carson posted on Instagram that the two got married in 2018, and they now have a daughter together. She was born in Lexington, Kentucky, and has two sisters named Lauren and Alexis.

Who Is Carson Wentz Girlfriend? Details!

Meet Carson Wentz Wife Madison Oberg

Madison Oberg is from Lexington, Kentucky, where she grew up. On June 21, 1997, she was born. She went to Ozark Christian College. She then went to Missouri Southern State University to get a degree in elementary education. Madison worked in Joplin, Missouri, at Ozark Admission. After that, she went to Haiti to join the Mission of the Mobilization Hospitality Team. She was born in the United States and is of white race. Brain Oberg and Lisa Broughton raised her. She has a sister, Lauren, who was born in 1991, and a brother, Alexis, who was born in 1995. She is the youngest of the three.

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How Did They Meet?

Wentz and Oberg both went on a Mission of Hope trip to Haiti in 2017. Wentz went as part of his charity, the Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation, which had given money to Mission of Hope, Haiti (MOH) to help launch a sports initiative that would help build a multipurpose sports complex and education center on its campus. With the sports programs and facilities, kids would have access to tutoring and meals with vitamins to help them stay healthy. People say that the couple had been following each other for a few months before Madison started showing up in Wentz’s posts more often. After dating for more than a year, the couple got married at The Lake House Inn in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, on July 16, 2018. Carson and his wife went to Greece for their honeymoon.

Who Is Carson Wentz Girlfriend? Details!

About Carson Wentz And Madison Oberg Relationship

Sadly, no. Carson did not marry his ex-girlfriend Melissa Uhrich, with whom he had been in love for a long time. They had been friends since high school in North Dakota, where they both lived. But in 2017, they broke up without saying why. ESPN the Magazine wrote in 2016 that Melissa moved in with Wentz, but they decided to live apart until they got married. Carson and Melissa are both very religious, so it was important to them that they not live together until they got married. Both of them deleted the other from their social media accounts.

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What Is Carson Wentz Net Worth?

Who Is Carson Wentz Girlfriend? Details!

Carson Wentz is an American football player who makes a living on the field. He is worth $45 million. Wentz is best known for being a quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, but he also played for the Philadelphia Eagles for many seasons. In fact, his best season was with the Eagles in 2017. He led the team to a good record before he got hurt and had to miss the rest of the season. Still, at the end of that season, the Eagles won their first Super Bowl. Caron was named to the Pro Bowl and the All-Pro team.

Even though Wentz kept leading the team to great heights after they won the Super Bowl, injuries hurt his performance, and by 2020 he was no longer a starting quarterback.