Who Is Cedric the Entertainer Married to?

Not by accident is Cedric the Entertainer given that moniker. He is a guy of many abilities, having worked in acting, stand-up comedy, hosting, and many other fields. One of the most known entertainment figures thanks to a career spanning well over two decades. Cedric has been married for most of his professional life, but his wife has avoided the spotlight in order to raise their children.

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Find out more about Cedric the Entertainer’s personal life and relationship in this article.

Who is the wife of Cedric the Entertainer?

The entertainer Cedric the Entertainer, whose true name is Cedric Kyles, is wed to Lorna Wells. The Things claim that he met her in the early 1990s while working on ComicView, a BET program that featured up-and-coming comedians. The two supposedly met through a mutual acquaintance, quickly started dating, and became engaged in 1999.

Who are the children of Cedric the Entertainer?

Tiara Kyles, Cedric’s daughter from a previous relationship, was born before their union with Wells. Tiara is a singer, composer, and engineer, according to her alleged Twitter account, and appears to be in her 30s based on an Instagram post from Cedric.

Son Croix Kyles was born to Cedric and Wells in 2000, according to Romper. About three years later, their daughter Lucky Rose Kyles was born. Lucky just received his high school diploma, while Croix recently launched his own entertainment career, working on projects like the TV movie Jingle All the Way, according to Romper.

Kylo Faith Kyles, who was allegedly born in 2016, is also a grandchild of Tiara and Cedric. On his social media, the Neighborhood actor flaunted Kylo and referred to her as his “GrandCookie.”

However, Cedric the Entertainer seldom discusses his relationship in public.

Although Cedric has kept his personal life private, he and Wells have been pictured together at a number of events throughout the years. She has been spotted standing at his side on several occasions, including at his 2018 Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. Cedric gives her credit for keeping their family together and him grounded.

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For his part, Cedric has said that he is a partner and dad who is quite involved. When questioned about his parenting approach by CBS Watch Magazine in 2018, he responded, “I’m involved.” “I am with my son a lot of the time. He is taking a gap year and is residing in a monastery at a kung-fu camp in China. He has never followed such a schedule. I advised him, “Having that type of framework is really crucial for you to move forward in life.” He’ll travel to France to cook next since he speaks the language.

He said, “I learned [a routine] with my daughter, who takes dancing lessons. Having fun with them is enjoyable. We have a terrific connection, and my wife and I often laugh together. She is one of my biggest guardians and such a vibrant person.

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