Who Is Charlotte Crosby's Boyfriend In 2022?

Charlotte-Letitia Crosby born 17 May 1990, is an English tv presenter best known for starring in MTV’s Geordie Shore and winning Celebrity Big Brother’s twelfth series. Crosby began hosting Just Tattoo of Us in 2017 and starred in her own reality show, The Charlotte Show, in 2018.

Is Charlotte Crosby Dating Anyone?

She’s been dating Liam Beaumont, a cinematographer and content producer she met in Dubai, since early 2020.

Charlotte Crosby has spoken out about her breakup with ex-boyfriend Liam Beaumont, after the couple, who appeared to be in love, called it quits this summer.

Charlotte, 31, and Liam, also 31, terminated their whirlwind affair after the TV personality earlier referred to him as “the one” after a year and a half together.

Charlotte sat down for a personal talk with her fans in a new video on her YouTube account, speaking to the camera as she removed her makeup.

Liam “came into my life for a reason,” according to the attractive Geordie, who recently finished renovations on her multi-million-pound property.

Why did Charlotte Crosby and Liam Beaumont break up?

She and Liam’s separation had nothing to do with sadness.

Charlotte sits on a hotel bed, taking off her makeup, while she delivers her audience a “long-awaited life update” in the fifteen-minute video.

“It wasn’t a tragic breakup, you know, it was really cordial and wonderful.

Charlotte made the split sound bittersweet, and she only had wonderful things to say about her heavily tattooed ex.

“We had a really good year and a half together; we had some great times, we laughed a lot, and we learned a lot.”

Who Is Charlotte Crosby's Boyfriend In 2022?

She hinted that some aspects of their personalities may have clashed as the reason for the future relationship collapse.

“There were a lot of personality aspects that were extremely different,” Charlotte continued, “and you could kind of sense that maybe we weren’t best suited for each other.”

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What did Charlotte say about her and Liam’s relationship?

Charlotte described her breakup with Liam as the “first nice breakup I’ve ever had,” according to Charlotte.

She expressed her gratitude for her relationship with Liam because it was unlike any of her previous relationships, saying, “It doesn’t take a genius to actually look through some of the previous break-ups… They have been brutal.”

“Even if we were happy together, we will be happier apart,” Charlotte concluded. “I have nothing but positive things to say about him because he taught me a lot about myself.”

Who Is Charlotte Crosby's Boyfriend In 2022?

“Liam came into my life for a reason, to prove to me that nice relationships do exist,” she says. “I’d been in one disastrous relationship after another.”

Liam met Charlotte in early 2020 while on vacation in the United Arab Emirates, and the two were very much inseparable from the time they met.

“They’ve been dating since meeting in Dubai while Charlotte was on a group holiday with the Geordie Shore ladies,” a source told The Sun at the time.

“They hit it off right away when they met and haven’t stopped texting each other since.”

“He possesses all of the attributes that her last relationship lacked, but they’re taking things slowly and simply enjoying themselves.” It’s still early in the game.”

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Past Relationship

Outside of filming Geordie Shore, Crosby and Gaz Beadle began dating from December 2015 to April 2016. Crosby’s ectopic pregnancy put an end to the relationship. Crosby underwent surgery at St John and Elizabeth Hospital in London to have her left Fallopian tube removed. Beadle cheated on her at the same time, causing their relationship to dissolve. Crosby was in a relationship with Josh Ritchie from 2018 to 2019.