Who Is Cole Hauser’s Wife, Cynthia Daniel?

Cole Hauser is an American actor with a lot of fans. He is known for his roles in movies like Higher Learning, School Ties, Dazed and Confused, and Good Will Hunting, among others.

Tuesday night in Beverly Hills was the 80th annual Golden Globe Awards, and Cole Hauser made quite an impression on the red carpet. The 47-year-old actor is a tough guy in real life. Show off Kevin Costner’s natural good looks by putting him in a black three-piece suit with no tie, as he did in the TV show Yellowstone.

Cynthia Daniel, who played Veronica on the TV show Sweet Valley High from 1994 to 1997, was with him. In this article, we’ll talk about Cole and Cynthia’s relationship in great detail.

Who Is Cole Hauser’s Wife, Cynthia Daniel?

When Cynthia And Cole Got Married?

Cynthia and Cole got married in 2006, and they now have three children: Ryland, 18, Colt, 14, and Steely, 10. Even though they have been together for more than 20 years, the photographer told Us that her husband never lets them get stuck in a rut.

Daniel, who wore a Loree Rodkin ring on the red carpet, said, “I have to say that Cole never lets things get too boring.” “He always wants us to get better and grow. He doesn’t want us to be that old married couple who spends all day on the couch. He’s like, ‘No, no, no, let’s go. We must keep the fire burning.”

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Hauser Spill the beans on their secret to a happy marriage. He said that his wife puts just as much effort into keeping them together. “From where I stand, I’d say it goes both ways,” he said. “Being able to listen to each other, making sure that people are acknowledged in a relationship—and we also have kids—and especially making sure that you give each other time, that she’s not running to the ground. I work a lot, but she takes care of the kids at home at the same time. So I’ll always be glad she’s in my life.”

Who Is Cole Hauser’s Wife, Cynthia Daniel?

About Cynthia Daniel, Cole Hauser’s Wife

In the 1990s, Cynthia Hauser worked as both an actress and a model. She played Elizabeth Wakefield in the play Sweet Valley High. Cynthia-Lynn Daniel was born on March 17, 1976, in Gainesville, Florida. Brittany Daniel, who is also an actress, is her twin sister. Five minutes after Cynthia was born, Brittany was also born. Brad is the name of their older brother.

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Hauser is also a photographer for a living. She writes on her photography website, “My kids say I think everything is beautiful, and they’re right.” Almost everything and everyone is beautiful to me.” Cole was asked what Cynthia thinks about him being a well-known character in Yellowstone. He said that Cynthia doesn’t care in the least. Cole told Cassie DiLaura of Entertainment Tonight, “She is one of those great women.” “She has worked for me for so long that she knows everything there is to know about what we do.”

Who Is Cole Hauser’s Wife, Cynthia Daniel?

In 2020, Cole wrote the sweetest Mother’s Day message to Cynthia on Instagram. “Happy Mother’s Day to the best mother I know,” he wrote. “Thank you for always being strong and loving for our children. Love you babydoll.”