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Who Is Devin Booker Dating? Complete Relationship Details

Who Is Devin Booker Dating? Complete Relationship Details

Devin Booker is well-known among both NBA fans and fans of the fashion and beauty industries. He is a professional basketball player for the Phoenix Suns in the NBA.

In 2015, Booker was picked by the Suns in the first round of the draft. In 2017, when he was only 20, he was the youngest player to score more than 60 points in a game. He finished with 70 points against the Boston Celtics. In 2019, when he was 22 years old, Booker became the youngest player in NBA history to have two 50-point games in a row.

He is very attractive and an amazing basketball player. Booker also won a gold medal with the 2020 U.S. Olympic team in Tokyo.

Along with all the fame he’s gotten for his great game, Devin’s dating life has also been the talk of the town.

A Peek at Devin’s Dating History

Devin Booker has dated three women in his 26 years of life. Since he’s an NBA player and gets a lot of attention, Devin has probably been getting all the girls’ attention.

During his time as a celebrity, he was romantically linked to Jade Ramey, model Jordyn Woods, and supermodel Kendall Jenner. Since he started dating a Jenner sister, he has been a topic of conversation among people who don’t follow the NBA.

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A Summary of Devin and Kendall’s Love Story

Kendall and Jenner reportedly started dating in April 2020. But the rumors started going around in June, when the couple took a road trip to Sedona, Arizona.

But on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021, Kendall posted on Instagram to make it official.

Since then, the two people were seen together a lot. They hung out, went to events, and even spent holidays and vacations together. They continued to see each other for over two years.

But in June 2022, after dating for two years, they broke up. However, they got back together on September 7 after they were seen together at the NBA 2023 launch.

However, they ended their relationship for good in October 2022. Sources say that both of their busy schedules led to the end of their relationship.

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Is Devin Booker Currently Dating Anyone After Breakup with Kendall Jenner

After breaking up with Kendall, fans want to know who Devin is seeing now. As of now, Devin isn’t dating anyone.

They broke up on good terms, and since then, they have both put a lot of energy into their careers. Booker wants to win the NBA championship, especially since the Suns got Kevin Durant in a trade. Kendall, on the other hand, is determined to stay one of the best models.

However, there have been recent rumors that Kendall is dating the Puerto Rican rapper and singer Bad Bunny. There has been no confirmation from either celebrity, but they were reportedly seen kissing and also out to dinner. Devin Booker, on the other hand, is still focused on his game and looking forward to winning the NBA title.

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