Who Is Diego Boneta's Girlfriend?

Diego Boneta is well-known, and he is presently the executive producer of the Netflix Original Luis Miguel. No one ever said that Boneta lacked talent. Boneta performed and starred in the rock musical film Rock Of Ages in 2011, which was the first time we heard it. The very same actors and actresses have gone on to work on a Netflix Mexican Original since then.

Despite his talent, he has been the subject of gossip and speculations in every show or film he has appeared in. In the same vein, we take a look at Diego Boneta’s present partner as well as his previous relationships.

Since 2006, there have been allegations concerning Diego Boneta’s love life. Following that, he landed a role in a well-known film, which led to his dating one of his co-stars. It also frightened someone else. Until he landed the role of Luis Miguel himself, in which he fell in love for the second time. There were a few names, but Diego Boneta just uploaded an Instagram photo of himself with an unknown woman.

Is Diego Boneta Dating Anyone?

Renata Notni is Diego Boneta’s current girlfriend. He just revealed to an Instagram official that he is seeing a Mexican actress and model. To those who are unfamiliar with Renata Notni. Her most recent appearance was in the Mexican sitcom My Adorable Malady. Notni began acting at the age of ten when she appeared in the show, Código Postal. She traveled to the Stella Adler Actors Studio to learn how to act after a few concerts in Mexico. She did those things before landing her first lead role on the sitcom Amor de barrio.

Since January 2021, Diego Boneta and Renata Notni have been related to each other. There had already been allegations and educated estimates. Second, the pair was apprehended at Mexico City’s airport, and they even attended the same performances. Even though they weren’t together, they had a good time at Punta Mita, Nayarit. The public gradually became aware of their relationship.

Macarena Achaga from Diego Boneta’s program Luis Miguel shared a photo on Instagram in June of 2021. Diego Boneta and his new girlfriend, Renata Notni, were seen holding hands in the photo. The caption, on the other hand, was about how to love one’s people and prepare for Hollywood. After that, Renata Notni also posted a photo with the group. It’s possible that the fact that they were holding hands was the first indicator that they were leaving.

Who Is Diego Boneta's Girlfriend?

Anyway, let’s get back to the present. Diego Boneta confirmed his relationship with Renata Notni by posting a photo of himself and her on Instagram on September 25, 2021. They’re standing close to each other in the photo, watching air balloons sail around them. In the caption, Diego wrote “Kismet,” which means “destiny.”

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Past Relationships

Diego Boneta was rumored to be dating his co-star Camila Sodi before meeting his girlfriend Renata Notni. They are both on-screen at the same moment in the Netflix Original Luis Miguel. Sodi played her companion Erica, while Boneta played the main role. They never told or discussed their relationship with anyone in the public.

There were occasions when followers suspected there was something going on. It doesn’t matter if it’s a video of the two of them hugging or Camilla referring to him as her ex. Apart from the fact that they are both performers, they appear to have little in common today. Iván Sánchez, on the other hand, is Camilla’s boyfriend’s story going around that Diego Boneta was dating Camila Sodi. Putting her narrative aside, in 2011, there were speculations that Diego Boneta was dating Julianne Hough, a Hollywood actress. Because of their excellent collaboration in the rock classic Rock of the Ages.

Who Is Diego Boneta's Girlfriend?

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Hough never denied that there was a link. Her partner at the time, Ryan Seacrest, was alleged to be unhappy with what was going on at the time. He reportedly disliked the kissing scene and prefers to act as though his fiancée isn’t kissing someone else, even when it’s her work.