Following a rocky road to romance, former TOWIE star Ferne McCann may have found her perfect match in current boyfriend Lorri Haines.

After a difficult few years, the reality star has finally found The One and is planning to marry and have more children soon, according to rumors.

Ferne raved about her “small family” in a recent photo during a family vacation to Greece with daughter Sunday, commenting, “When I count my blessings, I count these two twice.”

“Marriage and kids is absolutely something we talk about all the time,” Ferne recently remarked, adding that she and Lorri are thinking about weddings and babies. Lorri is the first person I envision having a future with, thus these topics frequently arise. And it’s happening all around us, with one of my best friends, Danielle [Armstrong], getting married this year.

Who Is Ferne McCann's Boyfriend? Relationship Info!

She told OK!, “It’s not just a fantasy – I feel like it’s going to happen.”

Lorri recently tweeted a rare photo of him with his kid with the sweet statement, “No matter how horrible yesterday was, today is, or tomorrow may be, this little man’s face makes it all worth it!” after spending time getting to know Ferne’s daughter Sunday. 

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The real estate agent keeps much of his personal life, including his young kid, private, but he does periodically post a photo of the two together on social media.

Who is Ferne McCann’s boyfriend Lorri Haines?

Ferne McCann is currently dating Lorri Haines, a 30-year-old real estate agent from Dubai. He has a small son, but he keeps this area of his life very quiet, save for the occasional Instagram post.

He’s also an entrepreneur and part-time jeweller, according to his Instagram account. He owns a collection of Rolex watches as well as a Ferrari, so he’s completely minted.

Ferne seemed to have found her “ideal match,” especially since Lorri appears to get along well with Ferne’s daughter, Sunday, whom she shares with her jailed ex-boyfriend Arthur Collins.

Who Is Ferne McCann's Boyfriend? Relationship Info!

Friends of the reality star were ecstatic that she was being treated well following a previous heartbreak. “She hasn’t exactly had the best luck with the men she meets,” a source told hot magazine.

Her suspicions were realized when an old video of her new boyfriend Lorri with a bag of ketamine resurfaced, tying him up in a drug controversy that left Ferne “devastated.”

Ferne and her new flame appear to be on good terms, as they have been posting stories together on their Instagram profiles since the scandal.

Is Ferne McCann engaged to Lorri Haines?

Despite rumors to the contrary, the couple has yet to confirm that they are moving on with their relationship.

Lorri, her new lover, has shared additional details about her future plans to Closer. “I’d like to be married, and I’m always thinking about it.”

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“I’ve never given marriage much thought until now, because I’ve met someone I’d honestly marry.” I’ve met someone with whom I can envision my future.”

Lorri Haines Net Worth

Lorri’s estimated net worth is between $5 million and $6 million. His true net worth, however, is being scrutinized. Lorri Haines, the owner of Rex Global and a Capsa Funds investor, may have made a decent living. Ferne, his lover, might have made a lot of money modeling and hosting TV shows.

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