Who Is Francesca Farago’s Boyfriend? Complete Relationship Info!

Francesca Farago was born on November 18, 1993, in British Columbia, Canada, at the age of 28. Scorpio is her zodiac sign. On Instagram, she has over 5.7 million followers. She is a professional model.

Is Francesca Farago Dating Anyone?

Francesca Farago is now without a lover, as she has not been involved in any controversies or been seen with anyone in months. So, in 2022, the star of Too Hot to Handle is still unmarried. But, in her past relationships, Francesca is dating someone and kept it a secret. It’s possible that the Instagram influencer isn’t the sort to keep her love life a secret. Francesca was most recently seen with Christopher Georges, a young Canadian billionaire.

In December 2021, they both shared a few lovey-dovey photos on their Instagram pages. She even left love smiling comments on several of his posts. It’s unclear whether they were in a romantic or professional relationship. Christopher is also a makeup and hair content stand out, so they may be working together on something professional. Regardless of the reason, things between them did not progress significantly, and the duo is no longer seen together.

Is Francesca Farago’s Boyfriend Jesse Sullivan?

After being seen enjoying a passionate kiss in July 2021, many news outlets are reporting that Francesca Farago’s boyfriend is Jesse Sullivan. However, this is not the case, as the couple was only seen together once. After then, there were no more sightings of them together, and Francesca appears to be content with her life. It’s possible that Francesca and Jesse’s date and dinner at Olivetta in West Hollywood was a one-time occurrence. Things between the two may not have worked out, and they went their own ways.

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Francesca Farago Dated Demi Sims In 2021

Demi Sims and Francesca Farago confirmed their romance in January 2021. They made their romance public by posting a handful of photos of them kissing during a vacation. Farago even relocated to London to be with Demi after only a month of dating.

Who Is Francesca Farago's Boyfriend?

Their relationship, however, did not endure long, as they split up after four months. Demi even blocked Farago on all social media networks, claiming that they couldn’t manage their relationship in private. Meanwhile, Farago revealed that she became ill after receiving Covid, which could be the reason for their rocky relationship.

Did Francesca Dating With Harry Jowsey?

Since last year, there have been a lot of rumors about Francesca and Harry Jowsey getting back together. The rumors started when Francesca was on vacation with Harry in May 2021 to celebrate his birthday. During that period, she also had a breakup with Demi Lowe.

Who Is Francesca Farago's Boyfriend?

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The couple never reconciled or restarted their romance. In December 2021, Harry and a new girlfriend were spotted together on a holiday in Dubai. As a result, Francesca and Harry never reconciled after their breakup in 2020.