Who Is Jamichael Jones' Ex-Girlfriend?

Rissa Royce, Jamichael Jones’ girlfriend, is a rumored promising rapper. According to the police, they were dealing with a “homegrown scenario.”

Since the rapper’s death in her Conyers high rise, the lady has been silent. She was also injured in the incident and sent to the hospital.

According to the informant, Mariel Semonte Orr, the rapper, was at the club the night before and then drove to Rissa Royce’s condo in a yellow Lamborghini.

Following the rapper’s arrival, her sweetheart Jamichael Jones arrived at the loft, and the two engaged in a struggle and fight before Jones shot and murdered the Trouble rapper.

The floor covering at the entryway where the rapper was shot has blood splashed on it. The condo’s entryway is covered with blood, as are a couple of red socks on the floor.

Who Is Jamichael Jones' Ex-Girlfriend?

Jamichael Jones’s Girlfriend Has Been Charged With Murdering Trouble Rapper On Sunday, an Atlanta rapper known as Trouble was shot and killed in a suburb of the city.

“Mr. Jamichael Jones knew the female, and it was purely a domestic dispute; the individual in question and the suspect knew each other only a little.”

Canty went on to say that Rissa Royce had spoken nothing about the episode. She has yet to be apprehended and was transferred to a medical clinic for minimal treatment.

Jamichael Jones can be found on Facebook and Reddit. Jamichael Jones does not have a Facebook page. Regardless, he has been widely discussed on Reddit since the news broke in the media.

People started using the hashtag #Jamichaeljones to demand that he be punished severely for his wrongdoing.

Michael Jones had hit his ex-girlfriend in the face both before and after filming Trouble. It ended with their breakup.

The rapper, whose real name is Mariel Semonte Orr, was shot and died at the Lake St. James Apartments in Conyers early Sunday morning. According to the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office, he was transferred to a hospital and eventually died from his injuries.

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Jones, 32, surrendered at 1 a.m. Tuesday on counts of home invasion, felony murder, and aggravated assault. A judge in Rockdale County Magistrate Court later denied him bond.

According to the warrant, Jones and Trouble began fighting, and she attempted to assist the rapper when Jones “pulled out a handgun and shot Mr. Orr (Trouble) and fled the area.” the rapper was shot in the chest.

Who Is Jamichael Jones' Ex-Girlfriend?

Jones and the lady had been together for three years, but they had broken up a week before after he hit her during an argument over “him not having a job and not helping her pay the bills,” the woman told authorities.

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She stated she contacted 911 in that case but didn’t submit a police report since Jones fled the scene. In the week since he hadn’t returned to the house where they’d been living together.

The front door of the unit had been broken open, and deputies had surveillance footage of Jones entering and exiting the apartment complex in his car.