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Who Is Jeff Beck’s Wife? Know About His Death & Net Worth!

Who Is Jeff Beck’s Wife? Know About His Death & Net Worth!

Jeff Beck was one of the most well-known guitar players in rock and roll history. His family said a virus caused him to get bacterial meningitis, which killed him on Tuesday. He had reached the age of 78.

Jeff Beck is always mentioned in stories about the early 1960s. First, he took Eric Clapton’s place in The Yardbirds, a well-known British rock band. He released a solo album in 1976 called “Blow by Blow.” It was his most popular record.

Rock ‘n’ roll artists like the late Jeff Beck have made some of the most well-known music over the years. Jeff was a respected guitarist in his own right, and over the course of his long career, he played with many famous musicians. Jeff and actor Johnny Depp put out a song called “This Is a Song for Miss Hedy Lamarr” before Jeff died on January 10, 2023. Jeff Beck was a great musician, and he also loved Sandra Cash very much as her husband. Here’s everything you need to know about Jeff and Sandra’s marriage, as well as information about Jeff’s first wife and his net worth.

Meet Sandra Cash, Jeff Beck’s Wife

In 2005, Jeff was married to Sandra Cash, who was 58 years old. According to The Sun, he met Sandra when he was 60 and she was 40. Sandra stays out of the spotlight and doesn’t work in the entertainment industry as her late husband did.

Many of their friends and family came to their wedding 18 years ago. According to the news, 80-year-old singer Sir Paul McCartney was probably there. During the time Sandra and Jeff were together, they didn’t have any kids, and they kept a low profile in Wadhurst, East Sussex.

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Even though Jeff and his wife were very private during their marriage, Johnny Depp, who worked with Jeff on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, talked about them in a 2022 interview. Jeff and Sandra “did a lot to help me stay alive, sane, and happy through all the weirdness,” he said.

Jeff Beck’s Past Relationship With Patricia Brown

He was married to Patricia Brown before he won a Grammy. The couple got married in 1963, and they split up in 1967. Patricia was not a well-known person, so there isn’t much known about her or their marriage. Jeff was still a young man when they got married, though (just 19). When they broke up, he was 23 years old and well on his way to a successful career. Jeff and Patricia didn’t want kids together.

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Know About Jeff Beck’s Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth says that when Jeff Beck died, he was worth an estimated $18 million. All of these things are part of his six-decade-long musical career, which began when he joined The Yardbirds to play music like Eric Clapton.

Beck, on the other hand, went on to play solo and with other bands, he helped start, such as The Jeff Beck Group, after he and the band broke up during their North American tour. He has shared the stage with Tina Turner, Mick Jagger, and Stevie Wonder, among other famous musicians. In July 2022, his album with Johnny Depp, called 18, came out. There were a few covers of well-known rock songs, as well as two songs that Depp and Beck wrote themselves.

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