Who Is Jermaine Pennant's Girlfriend?

A pair is making waves on social media. Everyone is talking about the new pair and wants to know everything there is to know about their personal and professional lives. Some of them are still wondering whether Jermaine Pennant is dating or not. Yes, you read that correctly. Jermaine Pennant is the individual I’m referring to.

He’s back in the spotlight due to his current romantic situation. Everyone is speculating on whether or not he has started dating someone. So, let’s discuss about Jermaine Pennant’s girlfriend and see if he’s dating anyone. In addition, we will discuss Jermaine Pennant’s early life and career.

The Timeline Of Jermaine Pennant And Alice Goodwin’s Relationship

Let me tell you, when Pennant broke up with Lara Murphy in 2010, he began seeing Alice Goodwin. He began dating Victoria’s Secret model Alice Goodwin. And the couple went viral at the moment. People were ecstatic whenever they saw them together. Because they were one of the most well-known and well-liked couples at the time. At the time, their fan base was at an all-time high. They also received a lot of attention from the media and news stations.

Who Is Jermaine Pennant's Girlfriend?

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The best thing is that they even married in 2014. The couple also appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show later in 2018. They had a good married life as well, but their marriage began to suffer later. They began to have trust concerns. Unfortunately, they eventually chose to part ways and divorced in 2020.

Let’s go on to the most frequently asked question concerning Jermaine Pennant. That is the girlfriend of Jermaine Pennant. It’s time to tell the truth regarding Pennant’s relationship status. So, if you’re all ready, let’s get to the bottom of it and learn the truth about Jermaine Pennant’s girlfriend. Jermaine Pennant’s early life and career will also be discussed.

Jermaine Pennant Has A Girlfriend

Let me tell you what happened after Jermaine’s divorce from Alice Goodwin in 2020. He began dating Liz Barrett after ending his nine-year relationship with Alice. Yes, you read that correctly. After a painful divorce, Jermaine is finally dating again. And he believes he has found the love of his life this time. It appears that the couple is having a great time together. They are also frequently seen travelling together.

Who Is Jermaine Pennant's Girlfriend?

Furthermore, people enjoy the chemistry and link they are forming with one another. However, we cannot be certain that his connection with Liz will survive indefinitely. Because his dating history is pretty awful, as we can see from his former partnerships. His dating luck isn’t great. When anything is possible. Pennant supporters are anxiously anticipating their future ambitions.

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Apart from that, according to insiders, the couple has been living overseas in a living relationship at Liz’s parents’ properties in Spain and France since they started dating. You’re probably wondering who Jermaine’s new girlfriend is now. What does she make a living doing? What is her occupation and other details? Let me tell you something: Jermaine Pennant’s girlfriend is best known for her relationship with the CBB star. She is also the heiress to a multimillion-dollar travel corporation. Eccelentia Travel is owned by Liz Barrett. For more information on the couple, visit their Instagram account, which is listed below:

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