Who Is Jess Hilarious’ Boyfriend?

Jess is a stand-up comedian who is best known to TV viewers for her appearances on VH1, BET, and more. Jess was born in Baltimore, Maryland. At first, her Instagram comedy skits made her famous, and now she has more than 4.6 MILLION followers.

As a hard-working mom, she often includes her young son Ashton in videos. Her segment “Jess With The Mess” is popular on social media. Her jokes are smart and to the point. Jess doesn’t hold back at all when she wants to be funny.

Who Is Jess Hilarious’ Boyfriend?

People are interested in both her work and her personal life. So keep on reading to learn

Know About Jess Hilarious’ Boyfriend

Well… Jess hilarious keeps to herself a lot. She doesn’t let people know about her personal life.

Daniels Parsons was Jess’s boyfriend the last time we saw him. Reports say that they began dating earlier in 2021. They were very happy with each other. As of 2022, no one knows what their relationship status is because Jess is very private about her personal life and doesn’t like to talk about it.

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Jess Hilarious’ Past Relationships

There were rumors in 2019 that Jess Hilarious and Wayne were a couple. People said that they spent some time together. After they were seen together and worked on a video together, the internet spread rumors that they were dating. Wayne and his wife broke up in 2018, and it was said that she was dating Kountry Wayne the next year. For a while, they went on dates. When Wayne’s ex-wife said on social media that Jess was a “Homewrecker,” everyone started talking about them. On social media, the couple often shows how romantic their relationship is.

Who Is Jess Hilarious’ Boyfriend?

In 2018, Jess was with Chris. But the following year, they went in different directions. In her post on social media, she talked about how they were together. But not much is known about the two people.

In 2020, it was said that Jess Hilarious was going out with Ms. Goode Morning, who was her best friend. After a picture of her kissing Goode on the forehead went viral, people thought they were dating. She didn’t say anything to back it up, though.

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Jess Hilarious apologizes after saying Sikhs threatened her

Jess Hilarious must have realized that her racist jokes about Sikh people getting on the same flight weren’t so funny after all.

The comedian and actress said she was sorry for her “insensitive and stupid” actions on Instagram. Jess said that her first videos about the incident were defensive and that she didn’t know how her fans would react to what she said.

Who Is Jess Hilarious’ Boyfriend?

In a new video, she said, “I was defensive, but that’s what happens when you don’t take the time to really know what’s going on. To realize how wrong my actions were, I have to first admit where they came from. I judged the race of a group of people based on how they looked, and then I made that information public, where it could hurt others and did hurt others.”

The comedian also said that people from the Sikh community reached out to her about the comments. At the time, she didn’t know about the terrible shooting at a New Zealand mosque, but she promised to give $15,000 to the families of the victims.