Jhene Aiko and Big Sean have been friends since they met in 2010 and have maintained a solid bond ever since. Their relationship grew into a romance over time, and the two married in 2016, shortly after releasing their album Twenty 88 together. Sean made the announcement to the public first, saying, “Jhené Aiko is more than simply a pal. I adore her, and I know she adores me as well.” Only two months later, the two exchanged their famous onstage kiss.

Aiko got Sean’s face tattooed on her arm and branded him the love of her life because the couple was so close. The fairytale relationship, however, was short-lived. When fans spotted Big Sean’s ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande acting friendly around him while Aiko was hiding her arm tattoo, they sensed danger. In March 2019, they announced their split, however, they remained caring and friendly towards one another.

They’ve also collaborated musically. In 2016, the duo released TWENTY88, a collaboration EP that was well-received by fans. People have been wondering when a sequel will be released, and it appears as it will happen sooner rather than later.

Big Sean joined Queen Naija on Instagram Live on Thursday (February 3) to discuss their new collaboration, “Hate Our Love,” as well as the upcoming joint project with Jhené Aiko. Sean Don gave the news without hesitation when Naija asked what he was working on.

When Big Sean posted a quick video of him in the studio with Jhené Aiko, rumors about a TWENTY88 sequel began to circulate. Many fans hoped it was a new TWENTY88 project because there was no obvious indication of what they were working on.

On the occasion of Jhene Aiko’s birthday, Big Sean paid a sweet tribute to her.

On Wednesday, March 16, the R&B singer turned 34, and her rapper beau didn’t lose a beat in making her feel special. Big Sean shared a number of images with her, including photos of the two of them together as well as photos of her alone.

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Their love did not fade, however, as the two frequently flirted with each other onstage and off, leading viewers to believe that they had rekindled their romance. In fact, Big Sean revealed in April 2021 that he was ready to propose, confirming the speculations of their reunion. According to recent rumors, they are still together, despite the fact that they have yet to tie the wedding.

What is Jhené Aiko’s Dating History?

Jhené Aiko‘s love life is far more complicated than her connection with O’Ryan. She was said to be dating Bow Wow in 2010. Because neither of them confirmed the rumors, their brief encounter remained a rumor.

She was linked to Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, in 2013. They worked together professionally on a few fantastic tracks, causing fans to speculate about a possible romance.

They made the world believe there was something romantic going on behind the scenes when he starred in her music video for “Bed Peace.” Jhené and Donald both denied hooking up after the fact.

Jhené was married to Dot Da Genius, a record producer, from 2014 to 2016. However, Jhené allegedly filed for divorce in August 2016.

Their divorce was formalized in October 2017, although the reasons for it are still unknown.

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Jhené’s most high-profile relationship – with Big Sean — made news from 2016 to 2019.

Who Is Jhene Aiko Dating?

During that time, they dated on and off, publicly expressed their love for each other, and received tattoos to cement their connection. They also showed a lot of public affection.

The musicians began spending time together again in 2019, leading to speculation that they were reconciling. Big Sean hinted at considering proposing to her in April 2020. Their romance has had its ups and downs, but they’re back together and stronger than ever.

Big Sean has a net worth of $26 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. His earnings reveal a great deal about him, his abilities, and who he is as a person. It’s no wonder that he’s dated so many attractive ladies throughout his life.

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