Who Is Jo Lindner “Joesthetics” Girlfriend? Complete Information!

Jo Lindner is a fitness star from Germany. He is best known by his stage name, Joesthetics. People know him for having a ripped body that looks good. There are many videos and photos of Jo online that show how committed he is to living a healthy lifestyle.

He is well-known in the fitness world, and he also has a lot of followers on social media. Joesthetics has a lot of fans on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. As of this writing, he has 646K subscribers to his YouTube channel, @xRaFFniX. He also had a lot of followers on Twitter, where he used the handle @joesthetics.

Who Is Jo Lindner "Joesthetics" Girlfriend?

He has a girlfriend named Nicha. That’s about it for his personal life. But not much is known about her. In this post, we’ll talk about Jo’s personal life and share what we know about Joesthetics’ girlfriend.

Who Is Jo Lindner “Joesthetics” Girlfriend?

Joesthetics has never said who his girlfriend is in public, but you can figure out who she is by looking at his Instagram. On August 4, 2016, Lindner posted a video in which he talked about a person named Nicha.

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Nicha uses Instagram quite often. You can find her on Twitter at @immapeaches, where she has 75K followers so far. She says that she is a personal fitness coach in her Instagram bio. She is into health and fitness like Jo, and she often posts photos of herself working out. She also teaches people online.

Who Is Jo Lindner "Joesthetics" Girlfriend?

Nicha keeps putting up pictures of herself and her boyfriend, Jo Lindner. A few days ago, she posted a stylish picture of herself and Jo with the caption, “Time will give us the chance to learn more about each other. Just hang on, and let’s grow together.”

From what I can tell, the couple is still together and doing well. But nobody knows anything else about the couple’s relationship. We’d like to keep you informed as more information comes in.

Is Jo Lindner’s Body Transformation Real?

Lindner said in a video that his change is not a natural one. He told the people in the room that he used drugs because he was tired of hearing about it. Jo is clearly in gear because he is so big, strong, and in shape that it’s crazy.

Jo reminds us that we have to choose two of the following three options: Big, Shredded, or Natural.

Joe’s results show that he has “picked up” being big and fit. Unless you are an advanced natural bodybuilder who works hard and smart, you probably can’t choose all 3.

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Jo said that in his case, you could hear a little of everything. It talks about a lot of different worries about taking steroids.

Who Is Jo Lindner "Joesthetics" Girlfriend?

People “in the know” already knew that Jo was using it, but the point is that the rest of the world didn’t know what was going on until this video came out. People shouldn’t have made fun of him for using steroids or called him out for using “very high” doses, but it’s good in a way that they forced him to be honest about it.

Jo also says that he wouldn’t suggest it to anyone else and that it’s only good for him. He didn’t tell everyone that steroids are great or that new bodybuilders should take them for fun.