Who Is Joao Felix’s Girlfriend? All You Need To Know!

Joao Felix moved from Benfica to Atletico Madrid for £108 million in 2019. However, he has not lived up to expectations.

Felix signed with Atletico Madrid when he was 18 years old. He was one of the best young players in Europe at the time. But he hasn’t lived up to the hype about him when he joined Diego Simeone’s team. This move made a lot of noise because one of the most exciting attackers moved to a team known for having a strong defense.

Joo Félix has been with model Margarida Corceiro for a few years. Everything was going well until a video from a nightclub went viral on social media. In that video, Margarida can be seen kissing the right back for Sporting, Pedro Porro.

Who Is Joao Felix’s Girlfriend?

Meet Joao Felix’s Girlfriend Magui Corceiro

The model Margarida Corceiro has been dating Joao Félix for a long time. In 2019, when he was the top scorer for the Portuguese giants, he met his girlfriend. Because of how pretty she is and how nice she is, the 20-year-old has done a lot of work for well-known fashion houses.

She has also gotten jobs with well-known companies thanks to her large network. She has been a model for well-known clothing and jewelry companies in Portugal and Europe.

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After her first appearance on the TV show “Prisioneira,” she became famous. Cordeiro has been working on the TVI project Bem me Quer since 2020.

In 2020, a video of Margarida and Pedro Porro, a player for the rival team of Benfica, Sporting Lisbon, kissing passionately went viral in Portugal. This made a lot of people notice the brunette. You can still see their faces, even though they are blurry.

Who Is Joao Felix’s Girlfriend?

Magui Corceiro Cheating Allegations

In May, it was said that Magui was cheating on Felix with another football player, Porro. Felix plays for Atletico Madrid. Magui says that these claims are false.

Even though some kids in the stands were crying, a video of Porro giving Magui his shirt at the end of a game went viral.

Then, a picture from a nightclub went around, and some people thought they could see the two kissing. Magui said, “If I wanted to kiss someone in private, I wouldn’t do it in Lust, and especially not on that little balcony in the VIP area, where the whole nightclub could see me.”

Who Is Joao Felix’s Girlfriend?

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“I also don’t understand why the guys who took the initiative to record that video and report it in such a nice way forgot to record me talking to and hugging the other people there, the other guys, the players.

“Because there was a lot of material if we wanted to talk about Magui Corceiro always with the players and the fact that this is a scene.” She told him, “There were no kisses and nothing else.”