Johnny Bananas (born June 22, 1982), also known as John Amadeus Devenanzio, is a television personality who is best known for being a contestant on MTV’s reality game show The Challenge. In 2006, he made his debut appearance on The Real World’s sixteenth season.

Is Johnny Bananas Dating? Updates

Morgan Willett and Johnny Bananas met on the set of The Challenge: War of the Worlds, but it wasn’t until they were done filming that they developed a close friendship.

They eventually embarked on a global tour together, but they kept their romance out of the spotlight and away from the prying eyes of the press for the most part. Morgan took her romance to the next level by making it Instagram official in the spring of 2019.

During the global epidemic, the happy couple was isolated together, and they seemed to thrive after spending so much time together. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long, and they called it a day before the end of 2021.

Morgan and Johnny seemed to have a nice thing going at the start of their relationship. Their Instagram profiles read like a romance novel, and they seemed to be relishing the fact that the pandemic had allowed them to spend so much time together. The cheerful, smiling faces splattered all over social media represented the makings of a lovely start for these lovebirds.

Who Is Johnny Bananas Girlfriend?

Morgan was obviously devastated after learning that she had been living a lie, but she yearned for Johnny to make things right.

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“All I wanted was a hug,” she said. I was hoping for a ‘I’m sorry.’ I was looking for some type of comfort and was met with something like to coldness. ‘I didn’t do it,’ I believe was the last thing I heard as I walked out the door and shut it behind me, and I believe that is what is difficult. After two and a half years, all you want to hear is “I made a mistake” or “You were enough and it just wasn’t meant to be,” or any kind of explanation… I didn’t realise that at the time, which is why I believe It’s been quite challenging for me.”

Why Johnny And Morgan Broken Up?

While Morgan was in excruciating pain, Johnny chose to remain mute and keep quiet about what had happened in their relationship.

He dodged the tough questions and later told the press that he intended to keep his relationship information “close to the cuff.” “I think we’re both going through it right now,” he continued, “and I just wish her the best and I’ll leave it at that.” Morgan had already left by this time.

Morgan continued to open up to followers about her sadness, and it was clear that she was having trouble coping with what Johnny had done to their relationship. She had been with her parents for a time and found it difficult to divert herself in the settings she had shared with her partner when she returned to Los Angeles.

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Johnny, on the other hand, seems unaffected by the situation. He was hosting his podcast, making celebrity appearances, and sharing videos on Instagram, all of which appeared to show him in a pleasant, upbeat mood.

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