Who Is Kerrion Franklin's Girlfriend?

Kirk Franklin’s son, Kerrion Franklin, has never had a girlfriend. He may be gay, according to rumors.

Kerrion Franklin’s arrest has been trending on social media recently. Fans are also questioning whether or not the report is accurate. Here are a few of the interesting facts we noticed.

Kerrion Franklin, Kirk Franklin’s Son, Does Not Have A Girlfriend

Kerrion Franklin does not have a girlfriend right now. People were curious, though, if Kirk Franklin’s son had a date. A furious argument in BadBoys LA, on the other hand, has surprised everyone.

When Moolah Moe and Kerrion had a disagreement, he is asked if he likes males. Franklin kept trying to avoid answering the question, but when Moe focused on the one question, Franklin was unable to do so. Kirk’s son responded by admitting that he was bisexual.

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Kerrion Franklin Has A Gay Partner, Whose Identity Has Been Revealed

Kerrion Franklin is said to have a gay partner, but his identity has yet to be revealed. However, due to his sexuality, the son of Gospel music has constantly been in the news.

Many people have speculated that he may have a gay companion. And, most recently, in Bad Boys LA, he stated that he is bisexual, which appears to have surprised many, while others did not respond because they had already assumed it.

Regardless, it’s unclear whether he’s dating someone right now. It is also unknown whether he is dating a male or a woman. As a result, we can’t corroborate these claims unless he speaks out about it in the public.

Is Kerrion Franklin Arrested? – What Were The Charges On Him?

Kerrion Franklin may be arrested. He is accused of a felony.

He was stopped for a broken taillight in Beverly Hills, California, according to GetIndianNews. Officers searched his vehicle and found an illegal weapon.

As a result, he was arrested and taken into custody for further questioning. At the time of his interrogation, he stated that the pistol did not belong to him and that he had no knowledge of its existence. The police also learned that the car he was driving did not belong to him after asking him more questions about his whereabouts. It belonged to a missing girl who is believed to be his lover, according to reports.

As a result, he is being charged with three felonies and is being imprisoned in Texas prison.

Nonetheless, no credible media outlet has yet covered the incident, so we can’t confirm whether the news is true. As a result, official news sources have yet to provide additional information.

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Kerrion Franklin Career

Kerrion Franklin is renowned for his roles in films such as “Mike, Guy Who Takes Everything Too Literally” (2014), “Cartwheels and Backflips” (2015), and “Comedy Bit: Trash” (2014). The odd thing is that Kirk, a Grammy Award-winning artist, featured his son Kerrion on the outro of his 2005 album, ‘Hero,’ where Kerrion is heard delivering a spoken word piece.

Kerrion Franklin Career

Kerrion Franklin Family

Kerrion Franklin has had a rocky relationship with his family for a long time. Because of numerous internal challenges, he is living apart from his family. Let’s chat about his relatives now. His father’s name is Kerrion Franklin, and his mother’s name is Tammy Collins. Kennedy Franklin has three younger siblings: Caziah Franklin, Carrington Franklin, and Kennedy Franklin.

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