Kim Soo Hyun, a well-known actor from South Korea, was born there on February 16, 1988. He is well-known for his parts in the movies Secretly, Greatly, Real, and The Thieves as well as the television dramas Dream High, My Love from the Star, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Moon Embracing the Sun, and The Producers.

He started his military service in October 2017 and finished it in 2019. Around July 2019, he returned to the entertainment business.

Who is Kim Soo-Hyun Girlfriend? Complete Dating History!

Kim Soo-Hyun Dating History:

The existence of a wife or a girlfriend for Kim Soo-Hyun has not been officially confirmed. With many of his female co-stars, Kim has had to cope with countless dating rumors over the years, and he once admitted on television that he had dated nine women.

Seo Ye-Ji

Kim comes back with a new drama series, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (2020), starring South Korean actress Seo Ye-Ji after completing his required military duty in 2019.

The on-screen duo had such strong chemistry that speculations of an actual relationship soon spread. The fact that they had felt at ease with one another ever since they first began filming for the show.

Seo Ye-Ji

Many people commented that they appeared to be a married couple when they served as presenters at the Baeksang Arts Awards in 2020.

However, there is no proof that Kim and Seo Ye-Ji are dating one another.

Ahn So-Hee

Kim was previously said to be dating Ahn So Hee, a former Wonder Girls member who joined the Korean pop group as a firefighter, towards the end of 2015.

They allegedly started dating when she left JYP Entertainment and accepted a contract with KeyEast, Kim Soo-talent Hyun’s agency, and were said to have been together for at least a year.

Ahn So-Hee

Kim Soo-Hyun suggested his agency to Sohee when she was seriously considering beginning her acting career and wanted to sign with a new agency. When Kim didn’t have employment, the informant said that he frequently visited her apartment in Yongsan. Another rumor claimed that after covertly courting for a year, the pair reported their intention to wed.

The management company for both superstars, KeyEast Entertainment, denied that they were dating and issued a formal statement to clarify that the rumors were untrue. So-Hee was not his wife, either.

“We must verify the rumors that Ahn So-hee and Kim Soo-Hyun are not dating. They are acquainted, but the rumor that they are dating is untrue.

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There were also tales about Nana and Kim So Hyun’s passion. The speculations started after Kim named Orange Caramel his favorite girl group in one of his interviews.

Because Nana describes Kim So Hyun as the ideal kind, it appears that rumors have started to circulate. The Korean singer, actress, and model Nana (Im Jin-ah) are most known for her vocal work with the girl group After School.


She is also widely recognized for her roles in television shows and movies. Nana has one of the most stunning looks in the world in 2014.

When Nana appeared on Mnet’s Beatles Code 3D on April 8th, 2014, she dispelled the accusations by disclosing the truth about her relationship with Kim.

I was aware of the relationship rumors, she said in response to the question. There is no smoke without fire, and the workers informed me they had heard it from the media.

“I suppose it’s because I pointed out that Kim Soo Hyun is my ideal type,” Nana continued. But Kim refutes his fervent enthusiasm, saying, “It’s a scam that a reporter pulled off without authorization.”


Im Yoon-ah, also known as Yoona, and Kim Soo Hyun were said to have dated back in 2011. She is a well-known South Korean pop singer and actress who was a part of the Girls’ Generation girl group.

Both Kim and Yoona identify as Christians, and it was rumored that the two met for the first time and began dating in a church.


However, neither of their respective agencies has acknowledged the couple’s connection, and neither the couple’s breakup nor its cause has been supported by any tangible proof.

Miss A’s Suzy

Kim Soo-Hyun and Bae Suzy, often known as Suzy, were close friends while they were filming Dream High in 2011.

She started her acting career after leaving the Korean music group “Miss A.” The allegations began to spread a few years after the end of KBS’s well-liked drama Dream High, in which they both appeared.

Suzy refuted the accusations, stating that she and Kim are close friends as a result of the show and that they frequently text each other when necessary.

Miss A’s Suzy

We’re just close friends, and I’ve never heard of [the dating rumor] as anyone around me talked about it, she stated in one of her interviews.

She said, “We talked before the drama filming when I was filming the drama Gu Family Book because he knew about the region where I was filming more than anybody else.”

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Kim Soo-Hyun was thought to be dating Lee Ji-Eun, also known as IU, a South Korean actress. In 2011. Kim and his purported lover co-starred with Suzy in the well-liked KBS drama Dream High.

The two later collaborated once more on The Producers (2015), and their most recent project was Kim’s cameo as the CEO of Hotel Blue Moon in 2019’s smash drama series Hotel Del Luna.


2017 saw IU approach Kim about modeling for her single “Ending Scene” music video.

Despite numerous relationship speculations, IU claimed that since they both appeared in the drama Dream High, they are closest friends.

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