Who Is Laine Hardy's Girlfriend? American Idol Star Jailed For Spying On Ex-Girlfriend

Who Is Laine Hardy’s Girlfriend?

Hardy is an American singer who won Season Seventeen of American Idol. Hardy, who was born and raised in Louisiana. In his first audition, he made it to the top 50.

Hardy is in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend Gracie as of now. They began dating in 2019 and have been sharing their photos since then. Hardy and Gracie have an open relationship.

Lee is a person who enjoys having some fun. She appears to enjoy adventure and loves spending time with her buddies. Hardy and Lee appeared to be spending a lot of time together.

Furthermore, this couple had shared countless photos and appeared to have a strong bond. Lee celebrated Gracie’s birthday on January 10 by posting a photo of her. She is a strong and helpful young lady who exudes positivity.

Who Is Laine Hardy's Girlfriend?

Furthermore, Lee is Hardy’s perfect guy. Lee tweeted a picture of himself cuddling Lee on October 24, 2019, with the caption Mine.

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American Idol Star Jailed For Spying On Ex-Girlfriend

According to a warrant, “American Idol” winner Laine Hardy was jailed on Friday after an ex-girlfriend accused her of spying her dorm room.

After LSU police arrested Hardy, who won season 17 of the renowned singing competition in 2019, he was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a charge of interception and disclosure of wire, electronic, or oral communication, according to an NBC News report.

Hardy’s lawyer was unavailable for comment on Friday.

Hardy announced on social media that he was cooperating with LSU police after a “sensitive” complaint was made against him, and he was arrested just hours afterwards. He didn’t go into any further detail.

A spokesman for LSU acknowledged that the artist was the subject of a “active investigation” by the school’s police department, but declined to comment on the situation Thursday night.

Who Is Laine Hardy's Girlfriend? American Idol Star Jailed For Spying On Ex-Girlfriend

Police were summoned to Azalea Hall on April 7 when the ex-girlfriend discovered a recording device in her room, according to the warrant.

“The victim indicated that she realized the device was a VR-500 Voice Activated Recorder after Google it,” the warrant reads. “According to the victim, the person who placed the record there is her ex-boyfriend/Defendant (Laine Hardy.)”

Hardy and her dated from November 2021 to February 2022, she said officials. Hardy, 21, grew up in Livingston, Louisiana, which is east of Baton Rouge and home to LSU. According to the university, he is not a student there.

The warrant adds, “On the weekend of February 18th, the victim informed that she discovered a false Instagram account on the Defendant’s phone that he utilized to cover up that he was illegally recording her when he was not present.” “It should be noted that the Defendant had information regarding the victim and her behavior over Christmas break that the Defendant was not aware of.”

According to the warrant, the woman “immediately confronted him, to which he revealed to her that he planted a ‘bug’ in her room but afterwards tossed it in his pond.”

The recordings from February took place in five-hour intervals, according to the warrant.

According to the warrant, audible sounds such as automobiles, walking, entering an elevator, and chatting among people, including “what sounds to be the Defendant occur,” can be heard in the first tape from Feb. 10. “Note that the Defendant is a recording artist who is well-known for winning American Idol and has a distinct voice. On various occasions, the Defendant’s name, Laine, is also heard.”

The warrant said the “victim is overheard informing someone about how she figured out the Defendant was recording her and she doesn’t sure if the ‘bug’ is still in the room” on another tape, dated Feb. 20.

Prior to his arrest, Hardy turned to social media on Thursday night to reply to the claims.

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He started a long post, “Earlier today, I received a warrant due to allegations made against me and have been fully cooperative with the Louisiana State University Police Department.

“I understand that my career has thrust me into the public spotlight, and I embrace that wholeheartedly as my entire world belongs to my music and my fans. However, due to the sensitive nature of this allegation, I humbly ask for privacy at this time.”

Hardy concluded, “I have the utmost respect for the law and will assist in their investigation as needed moving forward.”

On Friday evening, Hardy was reportedly released from jail.

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