Beyond the Edge is here, from the creators of Naked and Afraid! Who’s up for seeing nine celebrities go to Panama to engage in competition with one another in order to raise money for their preferred charities? Imagine Double Dare crossed with Indiana Jones (where are our ’90s kids now?). Lauren Alaina, a former contestant on American Idol, is one of the celebs taking part who aren’t nude but could be terrified.

People are forced out of their comfort zones and actual houses by this rigorous game show. Naturally, this raises the question of who the competitors left behind. Was Lauren Alaina met at the door when she returned home? Does she date anyone? I’m hoping that this episode didn’t push her relationship too far.

Who is Lauren Alaina dating? Everything You Should Know!

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Lauren Alaina is now dating?

Lauren has been seeing a mysterious man for approximately a year and a half and they are now dating. She recently admitted to having “never posted about him or anything because he’s just mine” to Audacy’s Rob + Holly (via CMT). Lauren trusts Jon Pardi, a fellow artist, lifelong friend, and colleague, to screen possible boyfriends. It appears like Jon likes the new man.

Lauren recounted a time when Jon met someone she had just started seeing before she decided to settle down with this specific boyfriend. When Lauren presented this guy to Jon when they were in a Nashville pub, Jon said (directly to his face), “I don’t like this guy.” Lauren just required that information in order to let that one go.

Speaking of dating, Lauren and Jon sang a romantic duet to “Getting Over Him,” a song they co-wrote with Paul DiGiovanni and Emily Weisband. It was influenced by something a friend of Lauren’s had told her, which basically indicated that not every guy needs to be the one; sometimes they enter your life to assist you in moving past the prior one. He doesn’t have to be the man that sticks around forever, remarked Lauren.

Lauren is reverting to her “American Idol” beginnings!

In order to serve as a guide during American Idol’s Hollywood Week, which starts on March 28, Lauren is returning to the original location. In a brand-new trailer, Lauren is joined by Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard, Season 7 champion David Cook, and Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks to help shape the vocal cords of the nation’s next singing sensation. It’s interesting to note that Lauren is the only guide who finished second in her season. What took place?

Who is Lauren Alaina dating? Everything You Should Know!

When Lauren faced off against Scotty McCreery during Season 10 in 2011, she was just 15 years old. According to Entertainment Weekly, rumors on the internet stated Lauren wasn’t feeling good enough to perform one hour before showtime. Haley Reinhart, the second runner-up, appeared to have to step in. Although it was close to cancellation, the performance did continue on.

The previous morning, according to Michael Orland, American Idol’s musical director, and arranger, Lauren left the stage and declared, “I’m not going to sing any of my notes.” She was instructed by Michael to whack one and then whisper to the others. The on-site doctor was able to give Lauren medication to “un-swell her vocal cords” even though it appeared like one of Lauren’s vocal cords had been blown out.

Who is Lauren Alaina dating? Everything You Should Know!

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The reason Lauren lost that season will never be known, but she is winning now without a doubt. Will she do so on Beyond the Edge as well? Beyond the edge of our chairs, we are.

The first episode of Beyond the Edge airs on CBS on March 16 at 9 p.m. EST.

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