Who Is Lisa Boothe’s Boyfriend? Complete Relationship Info!

Who Is Lisa Boothe's Boyfriend?

Lisa was seeing John Bourbonia Cummins. Even though she was secretive about her personal life, her Facebook post hinted at a potential romantic relationship.

Lisa posted a photo in 2015, and John wrote, “Thanks for cropping me out!” to which Lisa responded, “Love you. Meaning it. The image has now been taken down, and there is no longer any proof that the couple is still dating.

Who Is Lisa Boothe's Boyfriend?

Lisa has always used comedy to discuss her dating life even if she is not yet married. She claimed that a dog in a photo she posted on Instagram in 2014 was her new partner.

In December 2015, she also uploaded a selfie to Instagram with three boys from the African refugee camp. She wrote in the caption that her new lovers wanted to see a picture of themselves. She also said that going to an African refugee camp had been the most eye-opening event of her life.

Lisa just gave away her status as a single in a cryptic tweet. Lisa commented that she’s having trouble finding a boyfriend on a story about a polyamorous Florida lady who has four boyfriends that the New York Post posted on Twitter.

Who Is Lisa Boothe's Boyfriend?

Although Lisa Boothe is known for keeping her family close, she doesn’t share much else about her private life. Although it was claimed that she was seeing John Cummins, we are unsure if she has a particular someone in her life.

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Early Life

Jeffrey Ferris Boothe and Dianne Marie Boothe were Lisa‘s parents when she was born in the year 1985. The third of February is her birthday. Lisa was brought up alongside her three brothers.

Lisa has a close relationship with her family. She rarely shows her love for her parents, brothers, and mother on social media.

She holds a degree in political science and development, to talk about her education. She graduated in 2007 from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where she studied.

In high school, Marie played hockey and lacrosse because she was interested in sports. She captained her school’s lacrosse team her senior year and earned two championship rings. She, unfortunately, tore her anterior cruciate ligament, which necessitated reconstruction surgery for a full recovery.

Who Is Lisa Boothe's Boyfriend?

Her sporting career was ended by the injury, so she decided to concentrate on her studies. Marie studied political science and development at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville after graduating from high school. In 2007, she earned a degree.


A well-known journalist, commentator, and contributor is Lisa Boothe. Lisa Boothe is a regular co-host on the Fox News program Outnumbered, a panelist on Special Report on occasion, and a guest on The Story. She contributes to the Fox News network and has been on CNN and Fox Business. She contributes to the Washington Examiner too though.

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Her mother is Dianne Marie, and her father is Jeffrey Ferris. On Capitol Hill, Jeffrey used to work as a political analyst. He also spent ten years working as a senator’s assistant. The journalist is of American descent and is of White ethnicity.