Who Is Maggie Cohn Dating? Everything We Know!

The Oscar winner, 61, is dating American writer Maggie Cohn, who played Mr Darcy in the 1995 television rendition of Pride And Prejudice. They met on set of The Staircase and were photographed having a romantic lunch at his local Lebanese restaurant, Grilandia, in Chiswick, west London, last week.

In the sunshine, the Love Actually actor was dressed in trousers, a quilted jacket, and a flat cap, and he grinned as the pair exited the venue. The couple appeared to be deep in discussion as they laughed and chatted on a walk, but they were not seen holding hands. Maggie was dressed in a turquoise wool coat and flat black shoes for her stroll.

According to onlookers, the couple was speaking and joking while taking a stroll.

“They were laughing and giggling together as they were deep in conversation. Colin appeared to be cracking a couple of jokes. They weren’t holding hands, but they appeared to be in close proximity “a bystander remarked on the joyful couple Firth and his writer girlfriend started dating right away after meeting on the sets of The Staircase last year, according to insiders close to the couple.

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Maggie, who is said to be in her forties, had come in from Los Angeles to see Colin, who has a £4 million mansion in Chiswick. After working together for several months on The Staircase, an HBO series written by Maggie, friends think they are dating. However, neither party has publicly declared their relationship.

Who Is Maggie Cohn Dating? Everything We Know!

Right after his role as Mr Darcy, Colin became a famous sex symbol. He has since acted in a number of successful films, including Bridget Jones’s Diary, in which he played Mark Darcy, the awkward lawyer, and Mamma Mia! In 2011, he received the Academy Award for Best Actor for his depiction of King George VI in The King’s Speech.

Firth’s most recent marriage was to Italian producer Livia Giuggioli, with whom he has two boys, Luca and Matteo. Firth and Giuggioli married in 1997, but announced their divorce in 2019. Giuggioli had been romantically linked with another man when they announced their split. However, the estranged couple maintains a friendly contact. At the time, a source claimed, “They have a close friendship and stay united in their love for their children.”

Maggie Cohn Is A Notable Screenwriter

Maggie has written episodes of the popular Netflix crime thriller Narcos: Mexico and has earned honours for her work on American Crime Story. Colin’s relationship with Livia Giuggioli, his Italian wife of 22 years, began two years ago. Matteo, 18, and Luca, 20, are the couple’s two kids. They met on the set of the BBC show Nostromo in 1996.

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Colin plays real-life US novelist Michael Peterson in The Staircase, who was convicted of murdering his wife Kathleen in 2003. She was discovered at the bottom of their steps. He is cast opposite Toni Collette, an Australian actress who has appeared in films such as About A Boy. Later this year, The Staircase will be released.