Who Is Matt Kaplan Dating? All We Know!

Matt Kaplan is an American film producer known for producing films for young adults, such as the To All of the Boys film series. He is the founder and CEO of Ace Entertainment and the former president of Awesomeness Films.

Matt Kaplan Dating Life

Matt Kaplan is married to Alexandra Cooper and doesn’t appear to be dating anybody else at the moment. Previously, the American producer was married to Claire Holt, an Australian actress. They started dating in 2014, but it wasn’t until Matt proposed in March 2015 that they became a relationship.

Before Matt announced his divorce in September 2017, they conducted an interview with Good Morning America in September 2016 and revealed that “the engagement is off.” Claire also informed her fans on how Matt proposed to her in a stunning way in this post. She also announced the announcement on her personal social media account, saying she was pleased with everything that has been accomplished during this period.

Who Is Matt Kaplan Dating? All We Know!

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Last year, when Matt Kaplan announced that he and his fiancée Misha Galperin were engaged, it sparked a flood of comments from worried fans. Despite the fact that they had reduced their guest lists significantly, it is obvious that the two enjoyed a genuinely magical wedding. Now for the twist: after only a short time together, they began to notice some distance between them, which was difficult to manage.

As a result, the couple divorced in 2017, just one day before their first wedding anniversary. Irreconcilable conflicts were listed as the basis in family court proceedings. The couple had been living separately even before their divorce was completed, according to media reports. Alexandra and Matt Kaplan have broken up.

Matt Kaplan Early Life

Matt Kaplan is a well-known director who has worked on numerous projects. Matt Kaplan has previously worked on films and television shows such as Before I Fall, The Lazarus Effect, and Viral. Born in 1984 to an American father and a British mother, the actor, director, and producer split his childhood between London, England, and New York City.

Matt attended Columbia University, which is an impressive achievement. Throughout his Film Studies studies, he has excelled. His major was History, and he graduated with honours. Obviously, every amount of success he’s had thus far can be traced back to the hard work he began after graduation. Matt began his career by working for a talent agency and then founding his own company.

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Who Is Matt Kaplan Dating? All We Know!

Matt Kaplan ultimately got his big break at CBS after a series of other jobs. Starting the Clare and Michael show with them provided him with further opportunities, which he seized. Matt Kaplan is the founder of Ace Entertainment, which is currently one of the most successful Hollywood production businesses.

Matt Kaplan previously held the position of President of Awesomeness Film. The producer is now 36 years old and excels at what he does. We’ve compiled all of Matt’s details here, including who he’s dated and his net worth.