Who is Matthew Hussey Engaged to?

Matthew Hussey, a dating specialist, is now married!

He informed his Instagram followers of the happy news alongside photos of his now-fiancee.

For more than 15 years, the man who has assisted many in finding love couldn’t stop raving about his lady love.

Matthew Hussey’s surprise engagement is detailed below.

Who is Matthew Hussey Engaged to?


If you try to learn more about the extremely discreet dating coach’s romantic life, your efforts will be in vain.

Mathew did not reveal any details about his fiancee despite making their engagement public. He did not, however, hesitate to show his appreciation and love for her.

Matthew’s Instagram post is made up of three photos and a lengthy commentary. “Let’s get right to the punchline.” Before gushing about his soon-to-be bride, he wrote, “I’m engaged.”

The wedding is still a mystery to the dating expert.


Matthew wrote in a lengthy message beneath his Instagram photo that he has kept his personal life concealed for a long time, but that he no longer has to worry because he has met the love of his life.

“You feel like you’re coming home while still embarking on an adventure,” the dating expert stated. I don’t believe in fate or destiny, yet I can’t help but think we were meant to be together. “Being with you means believing in soulmates.”

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“You excite me on every level, and your mind astounds me, not only because you are the nicest, most caring, and gorgeous person I have ever met.” I’m marrying the one who not only thrills me but also respects me. He went on to say, “I simply fucking adore you.”


Matthew has been a dating coach for a long time, but it took him a long time to find the right one for him.

And the YouTube sensation appears to be more content than ever with his choice, revealing that he didn’t want to marry because of the “pressure.”

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Following his engagement, a number of well-known people, friends, and fans have wished him well.

Congratulations Matthew!” exclaimed Dr. Tracy Dalgleish. To savor and accept such good news. I really like what you stated about coming home while also going on an adventure.”

“AGE FOR LOVE!!!!” penned actress and singer Shelley Regner. Benny, let’s toast to the occasion with some Brando Eggs!!”

“This is amazing!!!!” Ed Mylett exclaimed. I’m ecstatic for you, sibling… From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely congratulate you.”